Figure 340.

This movement will be accompanied by a flicking motion of the wrist first in towards the body as the card is pushed off and then out again towards the location you wish to send the card. The flick of the wrist helps to heighten the strength of the spin throw and direct the card as desired. With practice you will learn to make the process simple, controlled and elegant.

Drop dealing takes two forms, the more refined and difficult form and the less practical but easier form.. .easier that is for performing the false deal. Essentially this method is based off a visual retention drop (for those not familiar with the technique it was I believe created by Ed Marlo and is available in some of his material, it will be covered in later works), but accordingly has two variants. (It is a source of annoyance to me that the method most people seem to perform the visual retention drop is rather clumsy and unrefined, but like I said, I will cover that in a later work). I will explain the easier version first.

You begin with the cards in the mechanics grip, with your thumb on the upper left corner of the deck. Now, the thumb pushes the top card off the deck slightly separating it from the others. Then, the thumb pulls the card back, and while twisting the wrist so that the deck is perpendicular to the table, draws the card up onto the side of the deck. The hand now lifts slightly while at the same time twisting so the face of the deck (backs of the cards) is at a forty-five degree angle to the table. Finally, the hand descends twisting back the way it came about ninety degrees and slap the card down on the table in the same motion. The key is to release the card when it is parallel to the table so it falls flat. (See figure 342, figure 343, figure 344, figure 345 & figure 346.)

Figure 343.
Figure 345.

With this method, actually with most methods, you want to be quite loose and relaxed, you will find it helps improve. The more advanced and difficult version, what I refer to as improved drop dealing involves skipping the middle steps. You begin with the deck is mechanics grip with the thumb in the upper left corner as before and push the card out just slightly so that it moves onto the tips of the three fingers on the right side of the deck and out of the crotch of the hand at the base of the thumb. Next, you drop the hand in a swinging motion twisting the wrist so the deck moves out from under the top card of the deck and allowing it to fall to the table. (You may wish to use your thumb to control the top card slightly and ensure it moves cleanly to the table.) (See figure 347, figure 348, & figure 349.)

Figure 347.

Figure 348.

Figure 348.

The final and one of the most useful one-handed deals when it comes to false dealing is the throw deal. This mimics a push-off second where you push the card off to the side. You begin with the deck in mechanics grip, thumb positioned on the left side. You then push the card out to the side with the thumb, using the forefinger across the top edge as a guide. At this point you are going to move your entire hand and arm deck first in the direction you want to toss the card and when you reach the extent of the movement you will release the card and pull back the deck allowing the momentum to carry the card away from the deck. The motion should be rapid and somewhat abrupt. (See figure 350, figure 351 & figure 352 (observe the small piece of wood as a reference point for motion).)

Figure 350.
Figure 351.

I caution you for all these deals not to become too absorbed in the mechanics as I will offer various pointers and subtleties that will vary depending on exactly which false deals you wish to perform. For that reason I have deliberately withheld some thoughts and ideas for now and merely given you some basics to grow familiar with.

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