Note Concerning How to Read This Manuscript

While it is my sincere hope that the material I have labored to lay down before you, the gracious reader, will be of benefit I realize that I cannot possibly hope to inform you all of new ideas at each turn. As such, it would seem natural for those who feel you have refined your skill sufficiently to omit certain portions of this work from your reading. This would, in great likelihood, be how I myself would go about it, but I must offer a word of caution. For the sake brevity and my own sanity I will not be repeating, or at least not often, points that I have made in earlier sections and so as we progress you may find yourself missing out on certain portions of the explanation which were given earlier in the volume. Be warned therefore that you may find yourself needing to refer to earlier sections in order to garner the utmost benefit from the later ones.

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