The Riffle Culling Concept

Stacking with a riffle shuffle is, at least in concept a simple one, culling is even more so. You will cut to the card you desire. For the sake of example let us assume that you wish to cull the aces and the ace of clubs is the twenty-second card down in the deck. You would then cut down twenty-one cards so that the ace is on the top of the one packet. Then, as the cards are riffled together you will hold back that ace and ensure it ends up on the top of the deck. When you cut to the next ace and shuffle it to the top you will ensure the previous ace remains second from the top while allowing the new ace to fall on top. This would group two aces together on the top of the deck and could be repeated for as many cards as desired. Unlike the riffle-stacking concept, this culling concept is literally almost as simple as it sounds, though other more complex ideas will be examined later along with some of the troubles that may be encountered.

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