Riffle Stacking

I am going to work through general riffle stacking and culling quite quickly, not because there is a lack of material to be discussed, but because I personally neither use it nor endorse it. For those who are interested, Ed Marlo published "The Riffle Shuffle Systems" as well as I believe a work called "The Riffle Shuffle Finale" and further comments on the subject in the Marlo Magazines, these may prove to have interesting insights, however, not having read them I can only guess as to their contents. Again, I would caution you that the methods I describe may not be those recommended by the professional card worker. Though the methods described are likely not original, I did undergo the process of considering and developing them independently. I am certain that better works on the subject must be available. My main concern then will be the later portion of this section on riffle stacking, entitled "The Count's Riffle Stacking System" as these are the ideas I endorse and use personally. For any who have developed similar ideas prior to myself, I offer you my apologies, I would credit you if I was aware of your knowledge on the subject, I hope that you will not take offense to my describing the methods considering independent discovery.

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