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There are times when it is to the performer's advantage to learn what someone else has secretly written on a piece of paper.

Enter the Micro-Thin Clipboard.

It is a common, portable, and unsuspicious object (unless undue attention is called to it), making it the perfect device to adapt for our nefarious use. It is gimmicked to record a secret, exact duplicate, carbon copy of anything written on a paper clipped to its surface.

If there is any drawback to clipboard use it is that, generally, one must access the data in private; there is just no elegant way to do it in front of an audience.

That minor restriction aside, this device, when properly used, is innocuous, invisible, and never suspected in retrothought. In fact, it has become one of the most diabolic tools in the Mentalist's repertoire - a tool designed for a specific task.

Should you have a driving need to learn written information while under suspicious eyes, then you obviously require a different tool: Learn a center tear, employ a shiner peek, or run the risk of using a device which looks like a magician's prop and is therefore self defeating.

If I were restricted to only one prop for my work, forsaking the myriad other gimmicks available to the performing Mentalist, my instant, unequivocal choice would be the Micro-Thin Clipboard.

Lee Earle

Lee Earle

Phoenix, AZ November, 1991

Phoenix, AZ November, 1991

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