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■^ffavorite of mine for long is this improvement In fake and JaLthe method of blending together two standard trioks. I have In my right hand an ordinary celluloid monocle upon whloh is written the name of a card. It need be only the value and a pio-ture of the suit. Previous--tooth the monocle around the edge with a file which makes it very easy to palm. First I have a card handed me behind my back, tear off the corner, piok up the crystal ball with finger-palmed index, stand sidewise to let spectator see oard (missing corner hidden) still in baok, and name the oard after looking in ball. The crystal is handed for examination and I palm monocle. Upon return the ball is put on the stand and monocle left tinder it as in illustration. Now a card is forced and spectator pockets it. I piok up stand, let someone else look through It, and he names what he sees. Then I pick up crystal with right hand, palm monocle as my left hand gives ball out, and all is examined. The nice part of this is that the monocle cannot be seen through the ball and it looks as though the writing really is inside. The slight ourvature of the fake aids in keeping it olose to the ball, and it is verv easily handled In comparison to previous fakes.

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I'm afra Id I'm losing my mind. Lot me show you What happened or rather What I think happened and then you judge.

Several weeks ago I borrowed §1000 from my friend, Mr. A, which he gave me In one bill remarking that he had made a record of the serial nuinber In case It were stolen. (Borrow a $1 bill and have number noted.) I used the money to purchase Ooldbrlck stock. (Place bill In an envelop« to represent stook certificate.)

Of course I had some savings of my own, $1000 to be exact, which I kept In a tea cup at home but I wanted to keep that lntaot for any emergency which might arise. (Show $1 in a tea cup and have the number noted by a spectator.) When Mr. A heard what I had done with the money he w4s quite angry and wanted his $1000 returned at onde since he regarded my action as absolute foolishness. So I borrowed $1000 from Mr. B to repay Mr. A. (Borrow another $1 from second spectator and after number has been noted give it to first spectator with rubber band snapped around it ahd instructions to hold it for a moment. )

A day or so later the bottom fell out of the Ooldbrlek corporation and my stock was therefore valueless. (Burn envelope containing first borrowed bill.) Mr. B, when he learned of my loss, demanded payment of the amount I owed him. Luoklly 1 still had my Savings so I repaid Mr. &. (Take $1 froth tea clip, snap rubber band around it and hand to second spectator.) I was so Upset I went to bed and finally fell asleep. Next morning, 1 looked sadly into my tea cup and found to Ay utter amazement that there was a $1000 bill InSiAe. Not only that but it bore the same number ae the one I had originally. (Have number Oheoked with written figures. They are the same i)

Completely baffled, I telephoned Mr. B and asked him to loOk at his bill. He had his own bllll (Have second speotator check numbers on bill he is holding.) Expecting almost anything by this time, I communicated with Mr. A and received the same reply. He,too, had hl3 own bill. (Have first spectator check.) Now I want to know - did I lose $1000 or not? If not, who did? Was all this a dream or am I just plain crazy?

For this stunt one needs but two rubber bands, an envelope prepared as explained fully on page 28 of Jinx No. 7 (April, 1935) and a $1 bill folded once the long way and twice the other

Page way, serial number Inside, in an ordinary tea cup.

To present, borrow bill from first spectator after serial number has been recorded. Fold with number inside and place in envelope which leaves it In left hand finger-palmed. Pick up tea cup by rim with left hand, left fingers inside, and this effectively hides palmed bill. Show your bill in cup and have the serial number on It recorded on way to borrow second bill, numbers of which also are noted down by loaner. Return to table and set down tea cup ON TOP OF TWO RUBBER BANDS - not in an obvious fashion, but casually. Fold second bill, switch it for one still finger-palmed as explained on page 366 of The Jinx Winter 1938-39 Extra, look on table for rubber band, move tea cup to enable you to pick It up, at same time dropping palmed bill in cup with your bill. Snap band around bill in hand and return to first spectator. Bum envelope. Reaoh into cup and remove bill just deposited there, snap remaining band around it and return to second spectator. Then bring effect to its conclusion.

^^ his effect has been a favorite of mine for A the past twelve years. Its simplicity of execution should commend it to the neophyte.

The performer exhibits two glass tumblers and places one upon the seat of a chair flanking him to his right, whilst the other Is placed upon the seat of the chair to his left. Four sheets of tissue paper are now shown; two of the sheets are white, one is red, and the fourth is black. The sheets of paper measure 20 Inches by 12 inches. Picking up a piece of white tissue the performer places it against the sheet of black; these sheets are then folded in half, folded again, and it continues until the packet of paper measures approximately Zi x l4 Inches. The white piece of paper is kept on the outside of the packet throughout the folding. The performer drops the packet of papers Into the tumbler on his right, at the same time taking a

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