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Magician 'Emcee'

'Chosen Successor By the Master,1 He Declares

A pretender to the throne of Howard Thurston- "kin* of magicians." gave » new twlat today to the Thurston drama.

The new character on the magic stage Is Rajah Rabold. "reader of minds, solver of mysteries, master of mysticism, radio philosopher, and poet."

The Rajah arrived In Pittsburgh from Miami. Fla., where Howard Thurston died, and displayed a contract which he said was made between him and Thurston March 13. TELLS Or PLAN

It provided that Thurston and Rajah combine their shows, with Rajah In charts and Thurston appearing only briefly, to conserve his falling health.

Although the contract expressly teserved the Thurston show and the Thurston name to Thurston, the Rajah says it Inferentlally names him as the chosen successor of the master. And he will so bill himself next winter, he said, no matter what Jane Thurston thinks about it. •CLOSEST PBIEND'

The Rajah said he was Thurston's closest friend for lb years, and added:

Til defend my right to be bis sneeeasor In ceort, If necee-sary. I'm avre Mrs. Thurston wante me to sneceed him." Mrs. Paula Thurston, 28. and Thurston's adopted daughter, Jane, 34. are involved now in a dispute over the strange will the magician left. He "cut off" Jane with $500. and left the rest to Mrs. Thurston—with the proviso that she stop drinking. POETIC EULOGT

When Thurston died. Rajah Rabold delivered a brief poetic eulogy on a radio broadcast. It reads:

His faults wen light and few

As human faults could be. And his virtues wen as many too As gems beneath the sea.

A calm release.

No clinging to his mortal clod. He's closed his eyes to lie in peace. Before his —"'"*f God Hie Rajah declared:

aa his

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