Quit« a few yeara ago I became intensely Interested In magic. Aa a hobby I found It a respite from studio work which, In those day a, was a time clock Job« It was great fun then,the pause between "shots",and during the sandwich with coffee while the "grips" ,___________ _____

griped at our absence on a set which was ready, to find the oard which had been selected from a dirty counter deck.

I've gotten so much enjoyment from magic, even though I'v been rather remote from It professionally, and while It doesn't Immediately concern those who read the Jinx for a good trick, X must put In a word against the exposer who sells a seeret for a sixpence and laud the legerdemanlat who sells a symphony for his soul*

Hy "magic" gradually turned from the manipulative stage to that which pertained to the mental. Since the great war there has been a "wave" toward things psychic. Entertainers, being what we are, must follow trends and relieve the pressure which results from everyday conditions, An entertainer can do that.The charlatan but leads them farther astray. Let those of us oapable do our utmost to keep the minds of the audience, not upon problems of the present, but, for a little while, in a re aim where they can relax and believe as they wish. A true entertainer has no creed.

But, we have a trick coming up. Otherwise I wouldn't be "three-sheeting" the front page of the Jinx. Let's "kill" all of the "babies" and keep the secret between ourselves (That1a what you think. Ed.) You asked for one of my pets, Ted, and you get a card trlek. (I was Just a bit worried about that. Ed) It la of the mental type though,because everything happens under conditions which absolutely preclude the possibility of any manipulator making merry.

In this effect the performer locates three cards chosen under what should appear to be impossible circumstances.Cards are handed the first spectator with the following instructions* "shuffle them well,think of one, fan the deck, take out the thought of oard, then lay it face down on table, shuffle deck, lay it face down on the thought of oard, pick up whole deck, shuffle thoroughly, and lay cards face down on performer's palm. The second spectator merely cuts, looks at card on faoe of cut, and then replaces cut portion while performer's back Is turned. Third spectator steps behind performer, removes one oard from deck, notes the value and lays it on top, finally cutting the deok as often as desired.

A fourth spectator now deals the cards faoe up (continued on page 356)

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