Conducted ig/ifie Hon. James G."Thompson, Jr.

«>111 Larsen turned to Gerry, "Honey, we're going to drive up from Battle Creek and spend a few days with Carl Jones in Minneapolis on the way home. It will be new country to us both, too."

Driving all morning, noon found them In a small town where they had lunch. They hadn't gone far, though, from the hot dog stand when they reached a crossroad. Bill looked for a sign but It had been knocked down and rolled into the ditch. He looked for his map and then remembered taking It into the eating place where it had been forgotten and left behind in their talk about the next Genii.

Now neither Bill nor Gerry Larsen asked anyone anything, but that fair member of the California closed corporation told Bill, after but few minutes, the correct road. And that, my readers, is why Carl Jones wasn't disappointed and had such a good time. How did she do it?

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» ast month's (No. 58) problems- Who said that «J John Mulholland met and talked with a MAN? It was an old girl friend whose daughter tripped across the street, and also tripped up not a few puzzlers.

And now, as lagnlappe, the Hon. Intrigue Judge passes on a cute way to remember how many days there are in each month without resorting to man made Jingles. . Make a fist of your left hand with knuckles up. Call the forefinger knuckle January, the depression between that finger and the next is February, the next finger March, the next depression April, etc. The little finger knuckle is July. Start over with August the forefinger knuckle, etc., and go through December. All 31 day months land on the knuckles and all short months are signified by the depressions. It makes for a nice argument that nature provides in some way for every contingency throughout life.


The "dupe" seats himself at the seer's table.

He wants his fortune told. Complying with the lady's or gentleman's request, the old faker mixes the cards about and deals four of them face down. Assuming that.it is a lady, she turns up any one to suit her fancy and writes her name across it while the merchant In future's back is turned. She puts it face down among the others and moves them about to lose the card, even unto herself.

The magician (for he is no better) returns to the table, picks up the group of four, puts them on top of thedeck, gives it a square cut, and leaves it in the center. At his request the lady puts her finger tips on the deck in order to "establish a liaison with the future." Gibbering some sort of mumbo-Jumbo the magus spread the cards across table with a 3weep. In the center are seen four cards, three of them face up, and in between is one card face down.

He cuts the four to the top, picks them up separately, naming each, except for the face down card which simply is called a "reversed card". It Is placed on the deck for the time being. The faker never touches the deck again.

The three face up cards are dealt In a row and the lady receives her fortune from each. She is reminded that one remains, face down. She puts her forefinger upon it and the card Is termed one "of destiny." The prognosticator do luxe gives his most startling revelations and names the card itself. The lady turns it over to find her own card bearing the signature she put there. She keeps it, of course, and it Is to be hoped that the believer goes forth to pass on the good word about your powers. Your powers betfause you can do it.

It only takes a deck of cards, a pencil or pen, a fairly deceptive double lift, and all the showmanship you con spare. Beforehand, put four cards on top of the deck that you know. I

use the four aces. They are easier than any of the others to remember in your regular suit order. Mark them with pencil dots on their backs. One has a dot in the upper left and lower right corners. The next has a dot in the lower left and upper right corners. The third has dot3 in the center of each end. The fourth has no dots at all.

Put these dotted cards on top of deck in order so that you know which is which when they are dealt out face down in a row. Don't do any shuffling — it looks to much like the regular card trickster stuff — just jab them around a bit but. keep the top four in place. When she picks up one of the four you immediately know what it is without bothering with the marks. She writes her name across its face and then mixes it Tilth the others while your back is turned.

Having the rest of the deck in your hands you take advantage of this position to turn face up the two bottom cards, then put the top card on bottom, and lastly put the next top card on bottom face up. Prom the bottom up the deck reads, a face up card, a" face down card, and then two face up cards. Don't forget that reversed card on bottom — don't flash it.

You return to the table and put deck down. Be certain to have emphasised at the start that she look at one card only. You pick up the four face down cards and mix them around as you ask if she picked just the one and wrote upon it. Knowing what card she took you have only to watch your dots and get this card on top of the four. Then the group is put on top of deck and the pack is cut.

Call for the spirits, visualise mists of time, and when the contacts are completed with the unknown spaces, spread the deck across the table and there are four oards, three face up and in between them, one face down. It all appears quite natural and you let the spectator draw her own conclusions!

Cut these four cards to the top. Pick up the first one, name it and drop on table. Do the same with the second card and drop it on top of the first. Mow pick up the reversed card, without saying too Much about it and place it on top of the other two. While the lady's gaze is holding to this one, secure a break under the next two top cards on deck, and place these two, as one, on top of the rest, naming the last faoe up card as you do so.

Pick up the pile, transfer the top face up card to the bottom, and say, "We'll put this face down card on the deck for a moment." Do so, making a double lift again, and two cards go onto deck which is pushed near her, and not touched again by you.

The three face up cards are now dealt on table and the fortune given, saving some neat bit of double-talk for the finish. The dime pamphlets on card fortune telling give yon lots of material.

Finally you let loose with talk to entrance and then name the card she took and marked. She, herself, picks the card from top of pack where it was placed, and keeps it as a souvenir of a most unusual and edifying occasion.

And you? If you don't get a nice tip eaoh time you spend so much effort to please, it's no one else' fault but your own!

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Julian Proakauer has Informed that we pulled a boner with that S.A.M. Souvenir (Who's Who) Program Item. It was offered to Parent Assembly members only for 27 cents. It's funny how we got the Impression that It was a National Convention. --- Getting the last Jinx out over 2 weeks ahead of our usual date resulted In being scooped out of that Larsen-Proskauer picture featured In the other mags. »Twas a sad blow. "As a result of a long talk I had with Mr. Proskauer," stated Mr. Larsen, "I feel certain that magicians may be assured of his hundred per cent cooperation In the future." Since the Battle Creek convention, the ex-prexy of the S.A.M. has been actively engaged in forming a N.Y. Ring of the I.B.M.

The N.Y.Post has a publicity gag at the World's Pair. Copies of the daily are at hand with the double streamer lines left out. The printer In the booth has a bottom line set up to read WELCOMED TO NEW YORK WORLD'S PAIR. You write your own top line and get 4 copies for $1. Some of the locals are stuffing their press books, one or two going to the length of having copy set up for a paste In before getting the front page photo-offset reproduced. Mot that we look down on things which impress the public but this is a bit raw simply because no magician ever got that kind of publicity. Committeemen aren't too dumb and a palpable fake in the display book can hurt the other hard earned notices.


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