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After that sermon we offer you the service. The top line takes 30 letters including In between spaces. The Jinx will supply 4 papers to your one line copy for $1.25 postpaid. Oho quarter takes care of stamps and a beer. — Dr. Jacob Daley suddenly discovered that July 23rd was exactly 100 years from the birth of Prof. Hoffmann In 1839. Immediately the wheels began to turn and on that centennial anniversary about 75 gathered for a dinner and Hofftaann show at N.Y.'s Piccadilly Hotel. It was a nice show and good turnout for sultry weather. --- We haven't yet taken paid advertising, and don't Intend to, but never let It be said that we won't give a helping hand.

I AM A JAOK Or ALL TRAOI»—Mr line of work 1. Uuie. Hypnotlm and entortalmient. Would Ilk« workin. for .Uc group or ikm WIU consider ,8.50 s waek. no lwa. W»n-. . job irtthfn 30 mil« of Abo nutt* tulmr. gUURICB DftjkXS, la w. 10th SL, Oo-tmUjo.

I AM A JAOK Or ALL TRAOI»—Mr line of work 1. Uuie. Hypnotlm and entortalmient. Would Ilk« workin. for .Uc group or ikm WIU consider ,8.50 s waek. no lwa. W»n-. . job irtthfn 30 mil« of Abo nutt* tulmr. gUURICB DftjkXS, la w. 10th SL, Oo-tmUjo.

Jimmy Grlppo, S.A.M.'er, and manager of Mello Bettino, the new ex-light-heavyweight champion, is a hypnotist who put the "works" on his fighter before bouts. His best line of sug gestion to Bettino's subconscious mind is, "He can't hurt us." After the recent meeting between Bettino and Billy Conn in N.Y. it was discovered that Conn had hurt Just about everybody within the radius of a mile. Jimmy is in the market for some new mesmeric passes.

Gerald Kauflnan's book, "It's About Time", Is selling for 19 cents.—Dave (La VelUna) Lustlg has broken a long silence with a 53 page 8-jbcll work "Entertaining With Ventriloquism. That title is very much to the point. This Is plenty dialogue and bits together with good advice on showmanship and angles from a fellow who has been a performer and theatre manager for many years.—Secrets of the Street Conjuror by Wilfred Hugglns is an English booklet of swell value. There is hardly a trick you won't be able to use, and there are several dodges and tips worth a lot to the subtle people. 1/6, which is about 35 cents In our coin.

We had a sort of merry-go-round session with Lloyd Jones on his trip east but enjoyed it a lot. Some of the west coast Jottings haven't been so flattering but there's no fault to be found with our meeting unless on his side. He likes good magic and doesn't expose. You can't ask for much more than that. --- "Think a Drink1

Hoffman la In N.Y. with The Streets Of Paris muslcale, and Joan Brandon, fresh from Europe, is at The Glass Hat, Hotel Belmont-Plaza. Carl Roslni has four Illusions in a separate room of Ripley's Oddltorium, presented by Albenlce. Three are mirror gadgets and the other a human pin cushion effect.

Speaking of mirrors, the headless woman era is with us to a fare-thee-well. First described in Hilliard's Greater Magic, this modern version of the Colonel Stodare Sphinx Illusion is "tops" as the best mirror dodge yet conceived. Sam Margulles tells me there are well over 300 in the country right now which fact, and it recalls the "sawing" splurge, will ruin the stunt in one season. By the end of this year, and during the next, you'll see plenty of walk througi exposes gloming the nlckles. Of the two at Coney Island, one at the Fair, and one In Hubert's Museum, the Ripley presentation comes closest to an expose. Without discussing ethics, the presentation spell is along accidental lines tied in with the experiments of Alexis Carrel and others for keeping hearts and organs alive artificially. The curtains are drawn aside and the convulsive actions of the benecked lady are evident while tubes run from the wherewithals to machinery flashing lights and pumping gaily colored liquids. A nurse stands by for the minute or so before the curtains drop and the crowd pumped out at the rear. At Ripley's, the one place where the believe it or not" slogan is injected at every turn, and by all exhibit spellers, there is more excuse than ever to tell the story and leave tnem wondering. However, the gal comes out Immediately afterwarda to show her head In place, and no one goes away with any further wonderment, and certainly no Incentive for telling friends to see the thing. Maybe Rip is sensitive to the point where he fears that if it is presented straight people may lift eyebrows at his other and genuine oddities.

Harry Blackstone surprised not a few by be-

THE JINX is a monthly symposium of mystery published by Theo.Annemanf^ rWaverly,N.Y..U.S.A. 25 cents the copy, L.5 issues for $1. COPYRIGHT 1939.

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