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Do you happen to have a set of the old card from the pocket indexes among your souvenirs? And have you, by chance, one of the popular card In the pocketbook effects» If you have but the first, you have the makings for a stunning press and drawing room stunt. And If you also have the latter, a neat variation is possible.

Pill the indexes, not with the usual cards, but with folded slips of paper on which are written the names of the cards, like this: "The chosen stranger will think of the _____." Fifty-

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ItLsair three of these paoers are indexed and the containers pocketed. Nov/ find yourself at someone's home or in a news office. write a prophecy, fold it and drop it in a. hat or bowl, but finger palm it out. How ask the observor or host to think of some friend and to call them on the phone. This unknown (to performer) person is asiced. to think for u few moments and then rn.i-ie uny card that comes to his or her mind. You immediately ask host, or caller, to ask the stranger if they had any particular reason for picking that card or if it was just a blind selection. This fcllows a full twenty to thirty seconds stall, and you have secured the correct paper from pocket. You pick up hat or bowl with that hand, and dropping paper to bottom, give container to spectator to read aloud to the person at other end of wire. Imagine tiiat person's feelings!

Or fill the Indexes with playing cards as usual. Don't explain what you will do, but just have someone called who names a card. You take pocketbook out and inside is the card! Telephoning a stranger to you is what makes this perfect.

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