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Dear Ted;

I never thought that I'd Join a magical society In the guise of a bonafide magician,and I certainly never had any idea of getting a free subscription to a trick monthly by turning in some of my "master mysteries."

Now I haven't even a wand, which, I have always been led to believe, is the most important gadget in a trickster's bag. I don't own any books on magic, and maybe it's just as well because those I've seen look pretty technical and confusing to the tyro.My collection of apparatus is absolutely null and void. So if it takes any one or all of those things to be a magician you'd better send my subscription to your Jinx anywhere but here.

As you know, it all started away back In Indiana,Pa., when Bill Neff and I were working out our school years together. He was on the path for learning about magic the thorough way. Between us we built quite a few tricks and illusions for his show, and certainly dad's hardware store proved to be a_____

of supply. I couldn't have been such a bad assistant when we gave our local performances.lt only was recently, when I was home on a visit, that Bill and Virginia let me have my old job back for a one night stand, and it was nice to discover that I had lost little of my old time

a constant source skill at holding a box for a few minutes and then later pulling several threads, each at a right time.

Bill convinced me that I should join the I.

B.M., and now, after but three months of belonging to a mystic clan I'm up to writing for the magic papers.Just who were those fellows — I mean Thurston and Houdlni?

My tricks are very few and simple, Ted. When you told me that brother members" would be Interested I got in touch with Bill and asked him what I might pass on. He knows what I do and which of them are different enough to warrant their printing. My one great pet, of course, is the dead man's hand trick with cards and gun.(Jinx No.33. Ed.) Maybe it's because of my profession, but it hit me hard when I first saw Bill do it. It's got drama and suspense right up to that "on the draw" climax, and besides, it doesn't need any finger skill. Prank Capra, who Is directing my present picture, never gets tired seeing it, and calls the thing, "a trick with a reason for doing a trick."

Here are two stunts I use which generally give the Impression that I'm either a great magician or just a lonely"actor trying to be one. The first is quite a fooler and the second is half a trick and half a gag.

In the novelty stores you can buy a whiskey (turn to page 403)

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