Whim Of Tituba

The effect IS

-titometNhu one within gives a effect IS the thing, and this different. Three books or magazines are shown and one selected by choice. The performer has three piles of envelopes, each of a different size so they can he nested the other. From the smallest pile he spectator one into which he puts a blank piece of paper and seals. The envelope is placed into one of the next size larger and the spectator writes his name across the flap. This marked set of two envelopes is now sealed in the last and largest size of the three.

With envelope in hand the performer passes to a number of people obtaining a figure from each. With these jotted down in a column, a line is drawn beneath and the envelope given the man who signed the middle nested one. He adds the column and calls aloud the total. We will assume it to be 54.

The performer asks the person with the magazine to open it to page 54 - BUT PAGE 54 IS FOUND TORN OUT AND IN ITS PLACE DROPS OUT THE BLANK PIECE OF PAPER.

The performer acts annoyed to no slight degree, explaining, "Tituba likes to have fun in her witchy way. She was the West Indian slave who started the witchcraft scare back in 1692 with her voodoo stories. I generally have a word selected on the chosen page of the book and Tituba, believe it or not, scrawls the word on the piece of paper inside the envelopes. She never knows what the word means because she was turned at the stake just when the children of Samuel Parris were trying to teach her to read and write. She duplicates the printing as best she can and I've noted quite a bit of improvement over a period of the five years since I learned of her presence but when she gets impatient, mad, or just wants to play a joke, she'll rip the entire page out. Books never meant much more to her than something with

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