Warren E Simms

Fold the six pieces of paper as you did the bill. Insert them in the six envelopes and seal them. That is all.

Knowing the effect you can easily follow the few moves necessary for its accomplishment. The mixed bunch is collected on the magazine, it being used as a handy object to prevent your touching them. You hold it in your left hand, thumb on top, fingers beneath, with the bound edge to left so that the protruding strip is between fingerĀ« and bottom.

Let the envelopes fall as they may and have five of them freely chosen with great aplomb and all fairness. Then, while the subjects open what they picked, shake or move the remaining envelope into position. It merely lies with one of its narrow edges about an inch over the binding side of mag and held there in left thumb crotch. The fingers, underneath, bring the exposed length of tape up and against the envelope's under side.

When the "paper" currency of the others has been revealed, the performer tosses the magazine to one side with his right hand. This happens .just before attention comes back to him after the revelations. The genuine bill is thus withdrawn from within the mag,and, because it is stuck in place behind the envelope, the latter may be held at fingertips.

The right hand grasps the top long edge of envelope, thumb at rear holding the bill in place, and the left fingers and thumb tear off

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