A Card Routine without cards I

For a long time I've had an idea that such a routine can be built up. It would be a novel act, as can be imagined, but I haven't had the time to work much on it. One effect could be as follows; The magician pretends he has a deck in hand which he removes from its case. Pretending to shuffle them lie spreads them in front of a spectator for a selection. This person enters Into it all, pretends to take one and is cautioned by the performer not to let anyone see it. It is put back and performer allows spectator to shuffle the deck! Putting the deck in his pocket the performer now asks spectator to name his card. When the spectator finally names a card, the performer reaches into pocket and actually pulls out that pasteboard I Everything si pretense until the finish. There can be a lot of comedy In a routine of this sort, so see what you can do with it. I know the idea has possibilities.

Pacrn SO

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