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The drawings and photos explain everything. The wiring diagram shows single bulb sockets in use, but my set was made with double sockets to conserve space. That doesn't affect the wiring In any way. This device cannot short circuit in any way on the combinations but if you're a lifc-le timid you can insert a 100-watt lamp in series with either of the leads frctn the house socket to the set.

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2511 Cypress St. Columbia, S.C. Dear Mr. Annemaim: May 21, 1939

It all started when Jenny Oay-den called and asked If I'd come to her party that night. During the afternoon I went over to the neighborhood when Jenny lived and scouted around. At several filling stations, drug stores, and an all night restaurant I took down their telephone numbers along with names and addresses. Back home, in front of my own phone, I did some heavy figuring.

Under each of the dial holes wherein you put your finger is a number and above each number are three letters of the alphabet in series. Now taking one of the numbers I had found on my trip --it was JA-2654— I looked for the J on the dial. I found It along with the letters K and L. Now I could write down either one of these three letters I chose. Following this (take L, for example) I looked for A, the letter next in the original phone number. I found it with B and C. I wrote down A after the letter L (although I could have written down either B or C. The next part of the original number was the figure 2. Above the 2 on the dial were the letters ABC a-galn. This time I put down B. The I went to the 6, put down one of the letters above it, and did the same thing with the numbers 5 and 4. This resulted in my having a "word" which looked like this: LABOLI. If I had dialed the "word" first dialing L, then A, then B and so on, actually I would merely have dialed the perfectly legitimate number JA-2654.

Now I went down my acquired list making "words" out of telephone numbers and pretty soon by watching the combinations of letters I found that I had formed a recognized English word! I looked the word in the dictionary, copied down the page number and position, and got ready to force It that night. Then I let Dave (my roommate) in on the set-up and asked him to help me.

The party began to lag and Jenny asked If I would do some tricks. I go for my stuff and locate Dave by the punch bowl with a blonde who had blown In from Nashville. He sneaks out the back way and scoots over to the place whose "telephone number-word" I am going to force. He explains he's waiting for a call and stands by. Back at the party I work the dictionary test, eventually predicting the word on a couple of silicate flaps (Jacob Daley, Jinx, page 88). Everything then gets quiet and I talk about coincidence and extra-sensory perception. I spring the Idea about calling someone up at random and have them call out a name at random which they might pick out of a phone book. Jenny likes the idea. Sadie Jennings, who helped with the dictionary trick, calls up, and to make it all very fair (?) she uses the word we just got through predicting. I show her how to dial using letters and she has a lot of fdn doing it.

When the phone rings, Dave, at the other end, holds his handkerchief over the mouthpiece and answers it. Sadie explains she's doing special research work at the university and would he be kind enough to pick any name at random from his phone book and read it to her. Dave stalls and has her make it very clear. He waits a moment or t o and then says back, "Miss Sadie Jennings, living at 3104 Oak Terrace." Sadie nearly fainted before she could hang up and. tell everybody about it. Naturally Dave knew before he left Just who I was going to work on for the dictionary trick.

Since then I've played around with the Idea of making words out of numbers and mm into many combinations and strange words that at first glance one wouldn't think coould be in a dictionary.


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