sign can always be nade to suit the m03t discriminate. After this you patter that, disregarding the artistic side of things, even the size of the cards may be made to suit.

Turn the pack to face the audience. Make the first fan (regular) saying that is the man's idea of playing cards.

Make this fan deliberately and allow them to see the size of the fan. Bring it close to your chest and look down at it. Run the second, third and little fingers along the top of the fan, while, at the same time, the forefinger and thumb do their bit in drawing out the small set of gimmicked cards from within the envelope previously pasted upon the back of the giant card held by the clip beneath the coat edge.

The fan then is moved forward from the body and the loose and regular size card Is pulled out to the right by the right hand — and put Into the FTFTH slot of the display stand.

The deck is closed up and, when fanned again. it is maneuvred on the "bridge" thumb position. This is a smaller size and from it is produced the Angel (children size) card to be placed in the rack before the one there.

Again the fan ia closed. And again it is fanned, this time with the Little Duke (baby size) thumb position. And the size of the fan brings into position for drawing out, apparently from its place In the fan, the small card which ia placed into the rack.

(It must and will be noticed that the setup of these various envelopes containing cards of different sizes makes the production of them perfectly natural. As the sleight makes the deck seem smaller the position of the gimmick card changes angle — and the cards to be pulled therefrom are automatically brought into their proper positions.)

At this time the deck, having been brought to its smallest size (without vanishing entirely), is blown upon and immediately fanned In

Page 565

a display of its former self.

At this part a patter scheme may start, and

I offer what may seem ridiculous, but which will adjust itself to the trick which is being done. After all, It is ridiculous, isn't It?

A salesman arrived at a colony of nudists. He wanted to sell playing cards. The head hobnob met the man and told him that such cards couldn't be used because the Jacks, Queens and Kings were all dressed. Being a super salesman the man fan the deck in hand, and, THE PACES WERE ALL BLANK. (This Is the "nudist fan" accomplished by holding the deck as pictured and fanning with the arrow mark. It is a 'reverse' fan and the faces show up blank. AND — having made this peculiar and opportune fan, the performer produces from it the blank oard, automatically In position due to the gimmick, and stands it in the display stand.)

The fan is closed — and upon a blow Is opened to show the restoration of spots. This prepares you for the climax of the routine.

After the nudist card production the performer waits for applause to stop (?) and then continues. He says, perhaps, "I think that's a fair assortment, but you oan't expect to please everybody. Like this."

"While in Helterskelter, Pa., with the Bungling Bros, circus, I was putting on ray exhibition of superb feats in legerdemain and had just completed a display of assorted canapes. Up bobs, or maybe burps, Willie MacOue, better known as the Howanky Kid, a 10 foot 9 and 3/4 inch collosal superman (skin and bones - a mess). 'Say Chum,1 he says to me, •Can you assort one for me?'"

"Surel" says I, with a twinkle in my eyes, (the good one) as I Interlaced the cards like this and fanned them to show the astounded 10 ft and 9 and 3/4 inoh superman, and the spectator standing down In front (Yeah: one guy, It was a lousy day) the giant fan.

During this problematical patter you have followed the last two sketches and made, first the interlacing shuffle and then the fan of the cards to show a giant fan.

"I then turned to Delores Del Putz, eight hundred and ninety-three beautiful blue eyed Irish glrly pounds. She was on the platform to my left letting her eyes rest adoringly upon the array of colorful splendor portraid by the back of the giant fan. I showed the back of this fan, then, to the swelling mob (another guy had just come in) and at this moment the Howanky Kid spoke up and said 'Son, let me have one of those cards for a souvenir.'

"No sooner said than done," says I, so I reached In amongst those overgrown pasteboards and pulled out one especially for that bloodthirsty fellow.

As all of this has been spoken you have made the giant fan and from behind it have pulled out the giant card gimmick from Its clip. This takes care of the last of the gimmicks and the routine is over. The deck itself is unprepared and may be closed down for mixing and use In a following trick.

^Totlcel The Will Roek 'so called' Thurston

Wshow plays ONE day, April 30th, at Keith's Flushing Theatre, Flushing, Long Island. Matinee and evening performances of this one of few two hour illusion shows left will find many mazlclans helping out at the box offloe.

Russell Swann is opening now for two weeks at the Beverly Hills Country Club, Kentucky. The Swann-Langdon romance has been mentioned several times of late by Winchell who has now made public their one month separation to see if it really Is love. Then, If absence makes the heart grow fonder, It Is reported that they will wed..The keyhole reporter 3ays, "— she's mad about him."

The American Weekly for Sun. April 21st carried the first ads for the recorded tricks of Zingone, the Post Toastie Putz. Two box covers and a dime get you the "Mind-Reading" Card Trick.(You Do as I Do) We are of the o-pinlon that the whole thing should be ignored. The fellow who finds It so difficult to make a living DOING tricks that he has to commercialize on other magician's ideas is out of all magical societies so cannot be "wrist-slapped" with the whitewash brush.(soft end) The ad campaign and records have all been made up and won't be stopped for any reason except one — if It flops. Concensus of remarks to date are that it has a limited appeal plus the uncertain percentage of phonographs among the 6,000,000 circulation. The layout puzzles us no little for it pictures the do-lns of the trick and then offers the record as an "explanation" of how It was done. There is no mention of the record directing the procedure (the novelty part of the presentation) with separate and printed Instructions telling the corn flake eater what to do while the canned voice talks. And, despite talk about phonographs there Is no sign of one in the pics of the happy and well fed family who are almost delirious with joy at the chance to learn the mystery. The whole thing Is too far beneath the dignity of ANY society or club to protest. Maybe Zingone, who resigned under fire for previous actions from the S.A.M., is expecting the magi to beat the drums and help with publicity. He certainly saw how they did

Page 566

it well on other occasions.

We have probably become the greatest prevaricator in our professional pursuit for we invariably encounter people when they tell us of a magician who has explained or printed a trick. We always shrug and end the attack by saying that the fellow was expelled from the clubs and societies of magicians for his poor sportsmanship In exposing tricks that didn't belong to him and were told him in confidence. Then we say, "What would you think of a doo-tor or lawyer who printed explanations of his patient's troubles and exactly what he did to alleviate them?" The query never yet has failed to get a decided nod. And, for the listeners , the head of a magus has been tossed Into his own profonde.

All of this reminds that Mr. Prank Dodd has what he calls a "riposte" and which we have likened unto a "come-back" when "a wise guy tells you all the innards of your favorite trick." He pays them off with "Ah, yesl I remember when they used to do it that wayl"

Tablets of Osiris for April enlarged Itself for the Pulton Oursler remembrance of Thurstor as a friend and benefactor. The 12 year old journal, edited by Tom Worthington for the Baltimore Society of Osiris»(but with world 'round members) scored a sentimental scoop by getting two full pages from a man who, as Ed-1tor-In-Chief of MacFadden Publications, is awfully busy.

Irony: Hoffmann, the "Think a Drink" man, had to turn down a private engagement in Baltimore. Although he was offered plane fare and a duplicate bar set-up plus $500 for his' net fee, he Just couldn't do It from Chicago. The Balti agfent couldn't use a localite who features the bar trick (since Hoffmann made It famous) because the localouse works for $25 or #30, not being able to dig up anything of his own to put himself In the real money.

Next week, in an enlarged Jinx, we'll give highlights of the new Pitzkee Musical Revue -Magic In The Air. It opened April 14th in Salt Lake City on the way east. This is NOT the show Lloyd Jones reviewed In TOPS. I just checked his oomments against the new program and it looks like a vast improvement.

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