Next the card at No. 2 is taken up and read like the first one just placed under the cover No. 1. Then it is passed upwards through the napkin and three cards are shown to be in place.

Finally, to account for the disappearance of Mr. —, presumably under cover No. 4, the performer hits the cover a sharp rap with his hand. Then he raises the cover to show there is nothing beneath. Then he picks up cover No. 1 to show that all four cards are in position and in the correct order as to their names.

To facilitate the working of the effect remember that one must memorize the name on the visiting card last secretly passed under the cover at No.l position. t This, always, ' is the name to be read aloud, apparently from the card that is picked up next. A spectator may be on hand to check ARRIVALS under No. 1. cover. The performer calls a card and later he admits of and s'tows its arrival. The spectator admits of a personality in flight.

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