Vosburgh Lyons

For the mystery lover who wants a close up effect away from the general run of things this oddity should fill the bill.

Four white squares of pasteboard are used. Each is about an inch and a quarter square and they may be cut from standard index card stock, or even by cutting a couple of business cards In half. Squaring them together the performer takes from his pocket an ordinary ticket punch with which he deliberately makes a hole through the center of the squared up pasteboards. One of these is given the watcher and he's asked to pick up one of the punched out bits from where ever it has fallen and try to put it back in place. The performer does the same with the remaining three, and without an untoward move of any kind returns the three pasteboards to the spectator completely and unmistakeably restored.

There are a couple of extremely subtle details employed which make the working of the effect very clean and aboveboard. We'll start from the very beginning of the preparation. Take a card and smear some black ink on it. With your punch, blow out a piece, and stick it, with rubber cement, in the center of the corner square on any white card. That is, have a card about

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