Very seldom does an effect come to light and cover the weird phases as does this. It is strictly a "spook tale" and the reader will see at once that the whole thing is a gigantic "build up" and must be done seriously to surround itself with the right atmosphere. The effect is at its best in a home where you are a guest or present professionally at a small party. The room wherein you are working must be made dark for about four minutes during the "voodoo" portion of the trick.

A spectator scratches an identification mark on a Chinese coin which he hands back to you. Running a short length of string through the hole in coin, you now allow several spectators to tic one or more knots each in the string, making It Impossible to remove the coin without cutting or untieing the cord.

The coin on string Is placed in a small metal box, and with it is put a blank piece of paper or calling card. Rubber bands are snapped around the box and it Is handed to the host or hostess. You aSk her -to hide it in the most remote corner of the house, in an old trunk, under the mattress upstairs, or in the attic. She can go alone or take someone with her, but no one who stays in the room knows v/here the box has been put. When the lady returns, she Is asked to select a card from the deck and keep it in her possession.

The lights are now turned out, and after a moment or two of silence, a small green light glows at the table v/here you are standing, AND YOU ARE SEEN TO BE HOLDING THE BOX! You give it a gentle shake and the rubber bands which are of the heavy type and snapped tightly on, are seen to fall off. The box is opened and string with coin removed. Another gentle shake and the coin drops off cord to table, leaving

only the knotted cord in hand. The string is replaoed in the box and you pick up the piece of paper or oard. Writing something on the paper you put it back in box on top of string, close the box and snap bands back on. Now the green light is extinguished, and after a few moments the lights are turned on.

The spectator who marked the coin is asked to pick it up from where it fell on table, and IT IS HIS IDENTIFICATION MARK! Then you ask the hostess to go and get the box from its hiding place. Upon returning she opens it herself and finds only the knotted string and card upon which is written in bright green ink, "The card you selected was the Ace of Hearts."

Go over that again and see for yourself how it is possible of being a super spook stunt.

The secret? Good showmanship and two f i L card boxes. Make the green light with a small flash light In a lota bowl or such container. It shoots straight up and gives a weird glow. Have the coin scratched. A duplicate coin is In your other hand where you pretend to put it and in taking string from pocket, the marked coin is left there. Go to a distant person and have him put coin on string and tie. Others tie string also, but keep away from the one who did the marking. Drop this openly into upper part of the card box, put blank paper in, close and snap the heavy bands around it. The lady hides it and selects a card on her return, the card being forced. In the bottom compartment of the box which has been hidden is a duplicate piece of string with knots in the center, and a duplicate paper with the card named on it. In writing on paper, make a mistake and cross it out. Later, when you are seen writing under the green light, apparently make a mistake and cross it out. It's a subtle detail. In the bowl on your table is flashlight and the duplicate box, but the bands around It are made of black cloth to look like those of rubber, and loose enough to be shaken off. Back of bowl are two regular bands. In the box is a knotted string and paper. When lights are out .take coin from pocket and keep right finger palmed. Reach in bowl and turn en light. Hand comes out with box. Bands are shaken off. Open and remove string with fingers holding coin against knots. Shake it and let the coin drop. Put string back and take out paper. Write on paper. Put paper in box on string. Close box and pick up the two genuine bands irpm behind bowl, snapping them on tightly. Hold box in hand which reaches into bowl and turns out the green light. Hand (in darkness) brings out the box and pockets as other hand scoops up the fake cloth bands and also pockets. All lights on. Have spectator take coin from table and identify. Have the hidden box returned and opened. In it is the knotted string and the message.

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