Unique Puzzles

Editor's Notes The two following items are not new puzzles, by any means, but they represent well the type that makes one keep on thinking after being shown. In both cases these problems have been seized upon by showmen and used, not as puzzles generally are used, but in a graphic manner such as to captivate the imagination of onlookers who would otherwise beget a bored look were "here's a puzzle" mentioned. The first new approach, "The Odd Estate", is by Henry Christ. His use of pasteboards in the solution (?) can be a welcome interlude during any "take a card" routine. The second, "The Weird inn", is from Herb. Rungie, to whom the rhyme was passed by an old timer who had known it for over 50 years. While the problem itself has been seen often in mathematical oddity books, the patter is something that make a modern blackboard item of interest for the performer wanting a pause while his assistant, perhaps, clears the stage or performs some underhanded bit of business.

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