Effect: A card la chosen by a spectator and the pack Is then separated Into halves which are secured by rubber bands. Each half contains 26 cards, and the spectator notes carefully in which half his card is now located. The chosen card now passes from one packet to the other, where it is discovered REVERSED. The packets are counted again, and found to consist of 25 and 27 cards, proving that one card did actually travel.

This is a most convincing effect and depends upon a very subtle feked card. Get one extra duplicate of any card in the pack. This card is glued, at the bottom only, to the back of any other card in the deck. With tills card in deck, the cards may be fanned or counted, and only 52 cards seen with no duplicates visible. However, with this feked card on top, the rear one of the glued pair can be raised at the free end and freely shown.

To the back of any other card in the deok affix a bit of wax at two opposite corners, and to this card, press, back to back, the regular duplicate of the rear card of the glued pair.

The feked card is on top of pack, the waxed pair about 13 from the bottom. Let us suppose the feked card is the 6 of Spades, with the Ace of Hearts glued to its back. Then the regular Ace of Hearts is waxed onto another card and is face up about 13 from the bottom.

The spectator inserts his finger into the deck as you riffle ends, and you slip force the top feked oard so it becomes top card of lower half when you cut at the spot where stopped. Lay upper half of deok aside. Now you show the spectator his chosen card, in reality you show the Ace of Hearts in back of the 6 spot by raising outer and loose end of the glued pair. Now you remove his Ace of Hearts without showing face at this point, for the face showing would be a 6 spot, and place it on top of the heap just laid aside. You have the bottom half of deck still in your hands. Turn this half face up, and now slowly and carefully oount off 26 cards, all face up on the table. Due to the regular Ace of Hearts being waxed to back of an indifferent card, it will not be seen. The 26 counted (really 27) are now secured with a rubber band. If there are not 26 in the portion you hold, take a few from the bottom of the other heap, being sure to show the face of each one.

Now you again show spectator's Ace of Hearts on other pile by raising the outer loose end. Push it into the center and say, "We will also secure this remaining half (really only 25) with another band." How you are set for the transposition, for after a magic pass, or whatnot, you slowly and carefully count the packet that HAD (apparently) the chosen card in it. There are now 25 cards, and the Ace of Hearts is missing. Only the face of feked card can be seen. Now you fan through the other packet face down, and near the center, face up, is found the Ace of Hearts. Remove this, at same time separating it from card to which it was stuck, cut the packet at this point, turn packet face up and count. There are 26 cards plus the Ace, and 27 cards prove conclusively that one actually did pass across from the other half.

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