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The piece of paper should be about two by toree inches. Tear it out of solid ding matter rather than an advertisement. Hand it to the subject and ask them to ring one word and fold the paper once each way. You take it at fingetlps and tear it through once the long way. Note illustration. Put the outside section In front

__ ^ and tear the other way. Again put the outside section In front and the left thumb

SuperintoY ^aws i*®ar folded section back while the paper is again torn in half. These pieces tiostl BdJ are PlaCed ^ front and held at left finger tips while right hands matches to subject to li^ht. Right fingers now take torn pieces from left and deposit them in an ash tray while left with folded piece still between finger and thumb but out of sight drops to side behind table or into lap If sitting down. This latter is the best position. Ask person to watch the paper burn and glancing down you note the encircled ringed word. You have so much of the original slip that you111 never miss it.

The two illustrations will make the maneuvres clear and five minutes practise will be sufficient for the mechanics. The secret la subtle and one of the cleverest methods for getting Information I have ever known. After using it for a short time, one will get used to the handling and it becomes second nature. The fact that the piece is torn from any paper on a moment's notice is a strong point as there can be no duplicates at hand.

Another variation of this secret is to use it in conjunction with a Living and Dead routine. This time a blank piece of paper is used and is the same size. About four of these are enough. Have a person write living names on three of them and a dead name on the other, frevously you have secretly marked tne slip upon which the dead name is to be written. A nail nick is best. Hand him three of them one after the other requesting living names each time and finally the fourth and marked one requesting a dead name on this one. Have them mixed and left on table. One at a time you pick them up, tear once each way as described above and burn. Suddenly as say the third one is brunlng you say, 'This is the dead name slip which Is burning now.' Then you reveal the dead name correctly. The raming live slip is left on Comn{ the taule. There Is fine misdirection in this routine. Xou know of course, which Is the dead paper and leave it for the third. The first two however, you pick up and tear in the same manner each time. Each time you shake your head and declare it to be a living paper. The third piece you apparently tear the same way but this time you tear it the tricky way and steal the name to be read in your lap. This is a very effective Impromptu table trick.

{ portion of capita.

Cent rest!

case of each and every unit.

The limits to si» can only he discovered b^the juMc j*ilttle»j» plying to Will ownTnifcatlve a rate base that! treats capital and labor as J»rts dt a "going concern." Such m rate bale would enable the railroads to determine how far consolidation I could be carried to ad-i Vantage. |

RetUlon Complicated.

The taA »' revising rMMand^ values imlfWi I»)».®

fed an adequate rate base would ; primarily with the public utlll-„«elv.-fr und«r cr'"' -

dbor in the Lehigh and KngUtt* 1

JJotteeC /'»«s oh />ij>ers i^ow h/Ait- at for* out S»c¿ rtid.

be has »atilde


WASHINGTON, Marc) Lehigh and Jew Englanr Co. today ask|d the Inten mere* Commission to ai tn fir*iif $ of * 5eheraI>nort£ge bondsj TU1 pi Wide ca#i to pay 5 per cent bfuJs which } called at 105.| 1

The new tonds would i *t#WnvSTand mature* 1965. Provision Is made foil ing fund equal to 10 per££/

TARGET— C. Lock woo wrath of M by'.pi» rulitt burf case.

ill fall/" Used fc.X^ir telephone service. Thia grievance is understandable; their aversion to the tax commands sympathy; but this not the forum to deal with the wisdom of the tax as a matter of policy or economics.

"The responsibility 'for determining the fairness of the tax rests with Its fabricators."

from performing the indispensable and imperative function of according relief to those in dire need."

Justice Collins said he could not agree with the plaintiffs' contention that New York City had exceeded its powers both as to the manner and means of adoption of the local legislation, asserting: "I cannot subscribe to the

^piOglUrt single sefls^ Stopping only briefly, he go on to Panama. A mechanic will accompany him.

The trip will be made In a new Northrup attack monoplane, with a 725-horsepower Wright Cyclone engine. The plane is capable of doing better than 200 miles an hour.

Two hundred thousaI>v the United States

Steel Corporation may participate in a group insurance plan, if stockholders adopt the proposal of directors at the annual meeting to fre held April 1. The company announced the

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