Two Papers And A Spectator

So many have asked me for something along mental lines that can be done practically impromptu and yet has the appearance of genuine mindrcading without cards, etc., that I am disclosing a secret that I have been using for a long, long time, in fact, since October, 1929, it being so dated in my notebook.

I know this may sound difficult or rather long winded, but if you will follow the routine with the material at hand, you will grasp the principle very quickly and have no difficulty.

All that is needed is a thumb tip and seven or eight pieces of paper, size 2x3 inches. Fold these once the long way and then twice the opposite way. Open them out all except one and put them in the left trouser pocket. This folded slip is placed inside thumb tip and placed in right trouser or vest pocket so it can be easily secured. You are now ready.

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