Two Mystehies

Using two decics of cards, one is handed the subject and the other kept by the performer. The performer shuffles and so does the subject. The performer now covers his deck with a handkerchief and the spectator cuts off a portion by lifting them through the cloth. The card below this cut is laid aside or given another person. Turn about is fair play, so the spectator now is asked to cover his deck with the handkerchiefs The performer cuts off a portion and the spectator himself removes the card below cut and places it with the first. The two chosen cards are now shown and found to be alike! While the handkerchief force may not be entirely original with the author, the effect on the whole is new, clean cut, and very practical for club audiences. Both shuffles are genuine,the decks are not confusingly exchanged, and the spectator's shuffled deck is never touched by the performer excepting when the cut Is made.

The pack given the subject has one long card. In your deck,on top or bottom, is the same card. Both decks are shuffled, you finishing with your card on top. Cover your pack with an opaque handkerchief but under cover you turn the deck face up. Jisk spectator to lift off a few cards but stop him before he removes this cut completely. This gives you a chance to reverse the lower half (actually upper half of deck) as you ask if he is satisfied. Then bring out the lower half, have him remove top card and put it aside. You take handkerchief from him with right hand, reach under, remove cards and tos3 to table turned over. Now have subject square his deck and at a glance you noie the position of long card as you give him handkerchief to cover. You can easily feel long card through cloth as you cut at ends. Press down on this with thumb, making a break. Cut off cards above to leave the long card in position

Orville Meyer

ery appropriate to follow the preceding card test is this number divination feat. The subtlety used is quite ingenious, and a perfect example of misdirection. The routine is simple, direct, and convincing.

Three people write mentally selected numbers on a pad of paper. The performer has correctly prophesied the total on a slate, and although this effect is not new, the method is certainly a psychological improvement over others of the same nature.

Use a small pad of paper about 2 by 3 inches. The small size scratch pads in the nickel and dime stores are just right. Take the backing off so either side may be used for ririt-ing. On one side, using two styles of writing, put any two two-figure numbers, for instance 34 and 86. I suggest using two numbers whose total ends in zero, as the total of these two figures must be kept ir. mind. For the above figures, you would remember 120.

Select a spectator on your left and have him think of a number from ten to one hundred. With pad and pencil in hand, as though you were about to jot it down, ask him to whisper his number to you. When he does so, start to write it down, then pause a moment, and state that before you start the test, you will write a prediction which will not be revealed until the test is finished, write something on the slate, and put it writing side down in full view. Ask the first person to keep his number in mind for a minute while you go to a person on your right. Hand pencil and pad to him (don't worry about the numbers on bottom as they never turn it over) and ask nim to write a number of two digits. Another person rear the center is asked to do the same.

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One of the prizes of magic will be published soon* I've promised not to reveal details this month, but this informative book is hand set, hand printed, and hand bound by its author who has been one of the 'behind scene' masters of 'magic* Very seldom, if ever, has his name appeared in magical literature, but he has originated and built more illusions for both magical and theatrical productions than any other man. Over one hundred pages have been completed and there will be over twenty pages of illustrations. There is dynamite between those covers to be, especially in those spots where the author has spouted his knowledge of 'Inside' feuds and farces* It will be far from 'pink tea' stuff.

In Havana I accidentally met a former assistant of the Great Raymond, Grover George, and LI Ho Chang. We had quite a gabfest about illusions and personalities. Sid Lewis, for over three years with these performers, is now tourist guiding around the Cuban capltol instead of 'flying1 the Asrah form. — Rlchlardl, the spanish illusionist lately around New York has been touring Canada with the Johnny Jones shows. His idea of the buzz saw illusion is quite in keeping with present day activities in Spain. The little lady is on her back instead of stomach, and as the saw buzzes merrily through, Innards and such are seen to gush forth, much like a freshly opened chicken. Incidentally, Rlchlardl wears throughout a blood 3talned surgeon's outfit. Gory enough for you, you and you? --- That sudden plane flight to Mexico by Sam Margules, the S.A.M. Annual Hospital Show lmpressarlo, is explained by a N.Y. member's interest in Cave Bamberg's magic show. It peems that the son of Okito Itches to conquer the states and has interested local backing. Sam was sent to Mexico pronto on the q.t. to do the check up. At the moment, however, the deal hangs quite a bit above the fire* --- Tom Bowyer reviewed the No. 24 Jinx and said that Miraskill had been on the market. The funny part is that this trick, which has resulted in too many letters of applause, was first done at the 1935 I.B.M. convention and won a prize. Shortly afterwards Mr* James advertised it in the Linking Ring, BUT DIDN'T SELL AS MANY AS 0NE1 I used it because I thought it excellent (and so did many others) and because although advertised I can't see how it was marketed. The moment I saw it, I contacted the originator and obtained the story and permission. Are you sorry, Tommyt---Down in Nassau,

Bahamas I ran into Arthur Lloyd on the one main street and it being my first time there, he took me around. We climbed the Queen's Staircase and while walking around the old Fort he told me how the Miraskill effect could be patterized along political lines. Explain that a magician would be very useful to either party at election time. Then have the spectator designate the red and black cards as Democrats or Republicans. Ask them which they want to win and it works out that way. Then repeat and show that the result can be made to work the other way or become a tie. It makes a very topical trick and even if Arthur did ruin my sightseeing sensibilities by talking magic, he has done right t>y our Jinx with the idea.

Glen Pope has come back to America without his beautiful sister for an assistant. Tommy Martin met up with the lass in England and proceded to woo and win her for his own. Glen opens at the Ritz-Carleton in New York as this issue goes to press. — Charles Blake, who came to the same city disguised as a magician and did a nice job of working as such has thrown off his cloak of mystery and become a legit actor and understudy in the play "Dead End." --- "Gen"

Grant will leave Pittsfleld, Mass. in the spring and locate in New York. --- 1 marvel at that lecturer-magician asking $1500 per week in the Rainbow Room and Cocktail lounge at Radio City. How ever, ASKING was as far as it went. --- Peggy

Horan, one of last year's Sally Rand Unit girls is still carrying a vanishing bird cage and a lot of "those funny fake thumbs" in her trunk. Jarrow staged the routine in Chicago but the idea was a flopola. Few girls can seem to get the magic sense through their heads. I had the same trouble trying to teach a line of six to catch coins in unison. I even sat in front of them and tossed Green River coins at them so they'd get the idea of catching naturally. Even that didn't work because THEY KNEW THE MONEY WASN'T REAL. ---

Here's a good tip for night club magi. Use the plume production as in Sach's Sleight-of-Hand. The continuous production of plume after plume is very beautiful. I just saw a program of Mao-allister dated October 22, 1851 in Boston and he is shown doing the trick. It would be very NEW to-day, and if someone starts doing it, you'll see all the magic stores selling plumes.It just seems as though the boys will wait until someone else does the head work. --- Dai Vernon's second offspring is called Nepl in memory of

John Nepimonk Hoffzinser. --- Liberty magazine, for October 10th, carried a Vox Pop argument between Frank Lane and Mickey MacDougall over the latter's expose of a bridge cheating method. In the late summer of 1932 I spent some time in Boston and Frank made a deal for some material. I got some cash and the bridge secret which he said was known to only one other. Later he used it in his Mss. and then Mickey used it. Outside of that, I don't know from nothing.---Joseph

Dunninger's collection of Chinese antiques runs into many thousands of what it takes. He'd rather buy a rare print than a magic book any day. -

— Hardeen is negotiating with Paramount for a redoing of "The Master Mystery," the Arthur B. Reeve story silently screened with Houdini. He has just finished the second of a series of six shorts at the Astoria studios. No exposing of magic. --- Harry Blackstone is telling the boys that he got sixty thousand for the series of 7

Sunday Roto exposures. --- Larry Gray is back from England after four years. His comedy magic still tops anything to-day. --- Special tip: The cocktail picks now being used in lounges and cocktail rooms are perfect for the paddle trick. I think they are obtainable in bunches at the five and dime emporiums. With a sharp pointed drawing pencil you can fake them up on the spot and befuddle the inebriates.

The Mystic Thirteen of Los Angeles have come into the fold and subscribe to The Jinx in a * body. More and more are finding out da^ly that although they may not like all Jinx tricks, the ones they do like will work. That's something. -

— Dr. Irving Calkins is sincerely trying to get a line on exposure sentiment and possible remedies. Send him your answers to these questions; (1.) What constitutes exposure? (2) How much harm do you think exposure does? (3) Can you offer any remedies that have teeth in them? (4) Should exposure be completely ignored? Address'Dr. Irving

Calkins, 299 Central St., Springfield, toss. ---

The second issue of The Genii went the first even better. Your dollar for a year's sub should go in immediately before the inevitable price rise. The quality of contents and the typography are both superb. --- Both the Sphinx and the Genii did right well with Houdini's memory on the tenth anniversary of his death. I wonder why l..r, Ernst didn't give any credit to Valentine Sanders when talking about safe work? --- Robert Doidge, the magic publisher, is finishing up the most complete and practical treatise on two person telepathy with articles, names and pictures ever assembled. Over twenty systems have been turned inside out for their best features ana several new basic principles are being Introduced i'or speed and ease in learning. He'll probably uai:e

»bout ten cents an hour for the time he has spent on it all. His collection of Zancig data alone is quite awe-inspiring.

Johnny Flatt of Chicago uses the Grant Cocktail cup to fine advantage. Ice cubes in each glass gives double the usual amount of glasses filled even if it is taking magical license with cocKtails to have ice In them. Then he produces cherries for each glass, and finally loads in beer which he pours out for himself.---Dai Vernon has returned to New York from the West, but the Jinx bowling club has not yet resumed its weekly meetings. Jud Cole's idea of suspended animation is Dai at 10 A.M. --- I understand that the high spot in costuming was reached at the Bridgeport convention when Proskauer did the Nomah sword cabinet wearing Hardeen'a rubber boots. Page Mr. Esquire I---And did one magus get a surprise when he put the rising cards in upside down and the 'In-between' pasteboards came up? and when Bill Willlston, the Milton Berle of magic, said what he didn't like aboulf Hardeen's act, he discovered he was talking to Hardeen's daughter! I'm sorry I missed the convention. There must have been a lot of interesting things to report that others have left out of their reviews«

Have you a little frigidaire in your home? If so, you can present a very screwey (but effective) mystery entitled, "The Problem of the Ice Cube." The effect as you can do it at your next bridge party goes about as follows: A card Is chosen and the corner torn out. However, instead of the usual procedure of giving the corner to the spectator you give them the card and keep the corner yourself. Borrowing a handkerchief, the corner is wrapped in the center and caused to vanish. At this time the good wife is asked to retire to the kitchen and bring In an ice tray. You take the value of the card chosen and count to that cube. On close inspection by your amazed friends a bit of card is seen to be frozen Into that particular cube. The selector of the card melts the cube, and the comer is found to fit perfectly the card he selected and has been holdingI Cute?

The idea came while getting ice cubes for the shaking up of a set of Jinx Zippers. What a drink] In the first place you must have a duplicate card to match the deck. Tear one corner out and wedge it diagonally Into the space in tray to correspond with its value. Now fill tray with water and put away to freeze. Put card minus corner on top of deck with torn out part (index corner) near you. On top of this put the duplicate card. Have a thumb tip in pocket.

Force the top card any way, my method being a mere riffle to stop and then using the side slip to top of bottom section. The spectator removes the card and you close deck, taking the card back with right hand. Put it face down on top of deck after showing it to everybody so that it overlaps to the front and right. Now tear out the index corner and toss it to table. The left thumb pulls top card back squarely on deck, and the right thumb now apparently taKes top card off and hands it face up to the spectator. YOU MERELY DO A SECOND BECAUSE OF THE TORN OUT COMER OP TOP CARD, AND SPECTATOR GETS THE SECOND FROM TOP CARD ALSO WITH A CORDER OUT! It being the same card, everything looks fair, and you pocket deck with right hand which gets thumb tip on. Borrow handkerchief, throw over left fist, poke it in with thumb leaving tip, pick up corner from table, put it in hank and into tip, steal out, twist the pocket into a little bunch and someone else holds hank by end3. On cormiand they shake it out and the corner is gone.

rlov; call for a tray of ice, say that you will use tne number of card and count to tiuit space, iiow pass tray around and let all see the corner inside. Let spectator r.ielt the cube and the coi"-

PSge ner fits. Real magic in the home! General Electric should send me a hew ice box for that.

Among the good things of the month Is Audley Walsh's publication of Sponge Ball Manipulation. I wish purchasers of his methods and routine were able to see him do the work personally. In cold print it's hard to visualise the perfection of his operations. Many will buy It, read it, and lay it aside. Then when they see Mr. Walsh or someone else do lb, they'll remark, "I have that information, but I didn't know it was so good." James Wobensmith's Ultimate Rope and Ring stunt is my idea of clean-cut magic. It's a vastly Improved and modern version of an old idea of Jordan's and well worth putting In any small audience program. Again I'm talking about something I've seen myself rather than just hearsay.

We "muffed* a chance during the past two months to enlarge The Jinx and take advertising. It may be, though, that it is just as well, because we are still Independent and running opposition to no one. We've never plugged a trick we haven't seen and liked, and we've never plugged a book we haven't read on our own initiative. The Jinx has sold (so far) because of the practical tricks and advice it contains. We hope it keeps on selling for that reason.

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Now return to the first person on your left, and as you approach him, the left hand at side turns the pad over bringing the previously written numbers to the top. Ask spectator If he is still thinking of his number then have him write it below the two on pad. For further identification have him initial paper, tear off and keep. You pocket the pad.

As you walk away stress what has been done. Three numbers were thought of, and you wrote on the slate before anything at all was written down. Spectator with sheet adds the numbers, and then stands and reads total aloud. The slate is shown and the predicted sum is correct.

HOW? Because after the first spectator gave you his number, you remembered (?) to make the prediction on slate, and this predicted total was his whispered number plus the total of the Cwo all ready written by you on underside of pad. Thus, with 34 and 86 you would have kept in mind 120. If the first spectator had whispered 24, the prophecy would have been 144.

I suggest taking paper from spectator afterhe has read total, and show it to one or two people nearby. Then pocket it and reveal what is on the slate. This principle gets entltely away from the old 9 principle which many know and the fact that the last writer keeps the paper and adds does away with any thought of exchanges.

(Editor's note): Both of Mr. Meyer's effects are excellent for club and home work. One person I showed the card test immediately got three packs and had one trimmed a trifle shorter. Uselng that and an ordinary deck he has been able to put a long card from the ordinary spare deck into the short deck which spectator handles and cnange the card used at each performance. The two effects together, starting with the card test, ¡lake a very nice pair of simple yet effective mental c.nd coincidental items. I tried them out twice on ;,iy way back from Cuba, and I think it is their directness that makes them good.

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