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Modestly, of course, this title is intended to indicate that this version of the Twentieth Century Trick represents a Century of Progress, so far as the working Is concerned. The effect is as usual; hut the flag appears between two ordinary and unfaked IB Inch silks, and there is no switch. Further, the silks ax« shown to be really separate in the first place, no Syng>athetlc Silk principle being used.

Having gone through the usual routine of whetting the reader's appetite — magicians are all potential ad writers — let's get down to the business of describing the working. The silks should be 18 inches or larger, and the flags (we may as well break down and admit you need duplicates) should be in proportion, about 18 by 12 inches for 18 inch silks. We will suppose that the silks are red and orange.

To prepare, take the corner of one of the flags which Is diagonally opposite the field of stars, and either dye it red to match the red silk, or sew a pieoe of red silk to the flag. Canadian magicians will, of course, use the Canadian flag, in which case no preparation at all is necessary, and a spectator may be allowed to untie the silks at the end of the triok.

Tie the star corner of the flag to a corner of the red silk, making a small tight knot. Spread the red silk out on the table, twist the flag into a very loose rope, and lay It along the left hand side of the red silk (Fig. 1). The knot should be folded slightly in, as shown. Double the flag back at the middle, and bring the prepared end up past the knot (Fig. 2). Now roll the red silk from the left hand side (Fig. 3), so that the flag is enclosed in the red silk and only the prepared corner protrudes. (Fig. 4) After you have done the rolling, shake the silk to loosen up the outside folds a little, so that the silk will hang much the same as an unprepared silk does when It is held by the corner. Lay the red silk on your table with the orange silk, also stretched out diagonally, lying over it and concealing the faked tip of the flag. Place the duplicate flag beside them, and you are ready to proceed.

In presenting, pick up the silks, take the red one in the right hand and the orange in the

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