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Who Can Succeed Thurston? A Magician-Actor Combined

Robert IMnhart hat teen a ¡indent of mafic ttnee he toot twelve »«an old. He appeared at the magician In. the Theater Ouild'i production of "The School tor Hntbandt." and produced lor the Theater OnlM too magic thorn, in lt!3 and 1134.

By Robert Reinhirt

T"« "«">' ««•<» of How.nl« th.r. tra ae.mil hundraa mm who ">• >«t<«nMt. itaip. mm

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What Is a Magician? country1 *«o Robert Houdln defined a conjurer as an actor who played the role of a magician. After having beeh associated for nearly twenty years with magic and magicians. I find It difficult to think of any modern conjurer Who fits this definition. Fred Keating perhaps, for hs came nearest to it, but he waa always the suave, charming young man who appealed as much surprised at his affects aa were hie audiences. The decline of th; opportunities for vaudeville artists end a wide number of imitators forced Keating to deiert th. "black


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