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u <ed by Sir. WheaUey in* his performance in the Rand show this past fall. Among the flattering press >

Thurston raises the obvious question—who. if any one. will be the next world-famous magician? On whoae shoulders will the distinguished robes of Alexander Herrmann. Harry Houdini and Marry Keller fall? One may reach the easy conclusion that the modern miracles of Inven-

I Thurston raises ths obvious earn their living, usually not ^ »wbsequentiy for the more lucrative oue«tion—»hn. if mi am win prosperous, by conjuring, or playing cJa®m**

the part of a magician. Some even There are perhaps fifty organita-flnd a way to combine it with other tlons in the country the memberships kinds of work. The "magic bug*' la of which are oompoeed l-.ff.ty of at least as tenacious as a magicians, soma professional and similar bacillus which produces ths some amateur. They combine ths phenomenon we call "stag, struck," social aspecti of a lodge with the tiofi have made the minor miracle« from either of which the victim set- aims of s little theater group. These of the stage magician seem trivial, dom recovers. societies hold regular meetings and

Such reasoning suggests that magte PweenUtMrn Lacking ,Uf' performanoee, but even is a declining or even a dying art. " the best or them are not of a high

Is this actually the case? A few of theae performers oC magic quality, judged by any standard, in


Out of Norwich have gone many men who have achieved success in the business world and had their names written In the hall of fame, but it took the little town of Salem to send forth a youth who event-uaUy reached the heights in the art of legerdemain and is ranked among the topnotchers, süeh as Cardini aad the lats Houdini. The American Magicians society recognises him as the second best magician in the country.

That is the rsmarkabls record of Albert H. "Al" wheaUeyr eon of Sir. and Mrs. A. H. Wheatley of Hartford, former residents of Gardner Lake, Salem, where they conducted a farm on the north shore of the lake. "Al" and his wife are bow staying at their summer place, not far from where he Uved aa a boy, and secretly pracUced his art in spite of ths objections of his mother, who believed that magfolana tices recelved by Tung Pin Soo art I two which are plcked at randoa ' from hia press booklets:

"So great was hls wlxardry thai tt would have been as nothlng te ase blm grab one of thóse iroc bara in the cha peí and to eat lt as if lt were chocolate."

Tung offered some of the most beauUful bits of the evening. Hls exhlbltlon of Oriental Are-eatina aad magle with andent Chinees wood bloc ka were remarkable. Another highllght of hia performance was the rolllng of a sUver half dol-jar,|(0O and, atop en ordlnary paro-

"Al", who started hls eareer aa a magleian at the age of ten, has a warm epot ln hls hsart for the Oardner lake secUon and returns there almost every summer to meet frlends and renew acqualntances, alao to get away from the "brlght llghts" and spend a speU In ftsh-ing, in which he le keenly lnterest«

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