Transit Spheres

Conjurors are ever on the lookout for Docket tricks, and certainly there is much to say for their use in the everyday social life of the magician. The Ideal pocket trick should require no preparation and difficulty of performance he reduced to a minimum, as few care to ex pend hours of weary practice on a trick that can only be shown to a small circle of acquaintances. The little trick I am about to describe, although quite unpretentious, will, I feel sure, be appreciated by readers, as the effect is a clearly defined one, requiring but little practice.—The charm of the trick lies in Its simplicity.


Let Grern S73S.

are exhibited and shown to contain but the four marbles.

In solte of the constant proof that only four are used, a fifth ball (the presence of which is most craftily disguised) is in reality responsible for the trick. The secret rests upon the simple fact that if each hand conceals a ball In roots of second and third fingers, as in the familiar Cups and Balls trick, and three only passed from hand to hand, four only will be seen in either hand, although four apparently are tossed across each time.


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