Trance Card

About ten years ago I "invented" a spelling card idea which found favor with some professionals. Max Holden, then late of vaudeville, and freshly embarked upon a dealer'8 career, saw fit to use it in his club program until his business of supplying magi with their necessities made time more important. T, of all persons, cannot say that the method used was not good. But, in a later day light, we can tell readers that times have changed and that the count down method by numbers is not so good for this generation of more-to-the-point spectators.

IVro decks of cards are used, but the audience knows only of one. The performer says that a spectator shall do an experiment in psychic timing and coincidence entirely by himself. The performer's presence is necessary as a battery or source of power supply.

Let's call the decks Nos. 1 and 2. No. 1 consists of 12 cards repeated 4 times, but they do not have to be stacked in any order - just shuffle them all together. The cards used ares- the AC - 5C - JS - 7H - KD - 3D and the

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