Trami vp

This is my conception of an appearing card or picture in a frame which ha3 been shown to be quite unprepared. The simple construction is my own, and,together with an original method of forcing the card or picture, one has a difficult trick to ponder.

Like all such frames to appear in books and on the market in the past this one has a glass face, a plain white card to lay on the glass, and a dark colored cardboard backing. When the pieces are in place they are secured by a single twist catch on each side of the frame's back.

During my forty years in magic my many travels throughout India (I am a Parsi) have resulted in numerous engagements at the homes of the wealthy. I construct my own appar atus and it has been necessary to devise means whereby a trick may be accomplished so that nothing remains behind when it is over. It is not possible to have special tables because of the conditions under which I work in those places.

The cardboard backing used in the frame is orepared. Two pieces are used and hftld together at two sides and one end by very narrow cardboard strips between. This forms a "pocket" card which Is open at the one end. Into this pocket can be slid a duplicate white and clean sheet of the pasteboard to be used in the frame for the picture.

At the open end of this prepared backing one side is trimmed about

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