difference between a strong and a weak effect does not lie in the mechanic of a trick but rather in the convincing ability of the performer. The greater the convlncement the mishtier the effect. 1 do not believe there is any bad trick., the fault Invariably rests in the presentation., or In other words the wrong "approach."

By convlncement 1 do not allude to such discreet tactics as deliberately sticking out the hands for examination or indulging in such remarks as "this box is devoid of any preparation." These would not be convincing but CONVICTING. In the course of our life's dauly routine we learn of these things. Have you not had experience of a guilty person over emphasising his point of Innocence? It is the same in Magic. You over emphasise a point and you defeat your own end. Convlncement, from my point of view, should be done insinuatingly...somthlng should always be left to the Imagination. You must let the audience imagine in their own mind that things are being done exactly as they think. Every person In the audience has his own opinion as to how a trick is being should work along their line of thought...leading them on according to their own fancy... up to the culminating point in the Climax...and the simultaneous

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