Tountain Pen Gone

In this effect a fountain pen Is caused to vanish from a handkerchief or table cloth, and then reappear in a novel fashion.

Borrow a fountain pen and clip it to a folded handkerchief as shown in the first drawing. The haldkerchief is folded once each way. Grasp each end of the pen and roll it toward you so that the cloth forms a roll about the pen. The left fingers, however, instead of the rolling the end they hold, actually grasp it so that as the right hand rolls the pen toward you, the pen itself (held stationary by left hand) will tinscrew from the cap (which is twisted by right hand). This is concealed by the cloth.

Lift the roll from the table, bringing it near the edge and tilt it slightly to permit the loose pen to drop unnoticed into your lap. pretend to unscrew the cap from the pen (twisting it several times as though the pen were still inside the roll) and remove it. The empty roll (believed to contain the pen) .is placed on the table.

Inner ├čichl . coat pocteef

The left hand goes beneath the table and secures the pen which it palms and carries up under the coat and places in the inside coat pocket. This is done tinder the pretense of opening the coat so that the right hand may clip the cap to the pocket. That is, as soon as the pen is dropped into the pocket the left hand throws open the coat so that It all seems to be one movement. The coat should be unbuttoned to start.

The left hand remains at pocket, the fingers IMSIDE, to hold the cloth rigid while the cap is clipped there by the right hand. While the cap is being affixed to the pocket, the left fingers twist the pen slightly into it. It is now a simple matter for you to cause the pen to vanish from the handkerchief on the table and to fetum to the clip in your coat pocket.

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