Torn Sentiment

TlXhether sentimental greetings are in season or not this idea will tie found of good use to almost any magician. It especially adapts itself to those places where a personalised message can be displayed to good advantage. As written here, please consider it as a closing effect to the act.

A newspaper is shown tack and then front. With a few folds and tears a message is produced to signify good will towards all men, especially the club or society for whom the performer is working at the time.

Cecil Lyle first used the basic principle when he originated his now famous hat trick. That principle, however, has net, to date, teen used in the other ways that lend themselves to it. My attempt to take advantage of the idea for producing, quite dex-trously, greetings such as are pictured here.

The first move is to tear out the message from a length of newspaper. The letters may be made as tall as you de~ sire. They must te constructed so that they dangle from a solid upper strip. Fold the. letters into eighths crossways and up. Paste them into the upper left corner of a whole



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