To The Wives And Sweethearts Of Magi

"f veryllime my husband and I saw a two-person mindreading act we'd hurry home, locate all the transmission systems in our library, decide finally upon one we must learn and then begin the torture due a wife who,to the tune of Lohengrin, says,"I do", to the magically conScibue man beside her. We must have tried them all, good and bad, and after mastering a particularly good-written code during the month we'd then forget it before we had a chance to show off our prowess. Counting, breathing, and other silent ideas made the person I otherwise love resemble a cross between an adagio dancer with the itch and a man with St. Vitus dance and a hot foot. Verbal codes were as bad for us. It all generally sounded like a Webster nightmare. Finally I drew a line. I was through until Mr. T. could locate or invent something requiring no practice. I thought that a good way to put a stop to the whole thing. It only spurred him on, though, and now we do a most baffling routine and I don't have to worry about a thing. Wives and sweethearts , your trouble is over/

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