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Natural looking methods for the selection of a book page and word are seldom seen. With the following method, the principle of a recent Illusion, and an older die and frame triok, has been brought into play, and provides a most perfeot way of getting to the proper page. Seme of the complicated methods seen should always be performed in a show where there Is an intermission. Than one could start the selection before intermission, during Intermission perform all of the Intricate and complicated means of seleotlng the page, and after the Intermission finish the test. By doing this, the audience will be spared all of the Involved ways of merely finding a page In a book. For the ones who agree with us, the following idea has been evolved and thoroughly tested.

The mentallst makes either a prediction on a slate, or cleans two slates for a spirit message. Slate or slates are laid asideĀ» and a book or dictionary shown. A length of ribbon Is ploked up and handed speotator. The performer holds the book and the speotator holds an end of the ribbon in each hand. He brings it over the pages of the book which performer Is holding by the ends, and is told to pull the ribbon down between the pages of the book, somewhere near the oenter. The slate Is picked up and the book handed to someone. This persoa opens the book at the ribbon, adds the page numbers together on the left hand side, and oounts down to that word. IT IS THE WORD PROPHECIED BY MENTALIST, OR IS FOUND WRITTBM BY SPIRITS ON THE INSIDE OF SLATES1

There is a bit of preparation and practice necessary for this feat, but for those who try It and use It, we can assure a stunt that can be done anywhere with only a moment1a study of any book* Get a spool of spring steel piano wire #3 at any large music store for ten oents. Cut off a pleoe of wire several inches longer than the book. At one end of wire twist a loop and stlok the other end of wire through this. This makes a noose which can be pulled fairly tight. On the other end of wire fasten a small ring which will fit Aver the end of your fingers. Paint this either flesh oolor or black, wire loop and all. You also require a piece of ribbon about two or three Inches longer than the book, and about half an inoh wide.

To work, lay the wire between two pages of the book, off oenter towards the back. The running loop is out at one end, and the ring at the lower end. The wire should be long enough, so that when you hare a loop about three-quarters of an inch in diameter at the top, the ring at other end la against the pages at bottom. The ring should be made from stiff thin wire, but not spring wire. You have added together the page number figures on left hand side, counted to that word and memorised it. Either write this on a slate and cover with flap, or make a straight prediction.

Bring the book forward, holding right hand at outer edge (edge nearest audiencet loop end) and riffling the pages as you do so. Riffle through before a spectator, stopping however before coming to pages with wire between. Have ribbon In left coat pocket. Hand it to someone. Hold the book between the hands, eaoh hand covering one end of wire. Ask person with ribbon to Insert it between pages anywhere, but by pulling book slightly towards you the ribbon goes in ahead of the wire.

Before this you have made your prediction on

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