Tko Papers And A Spectator

So many have asked me for something along mental lines that can be done practically impromptu and yet has the appearance of genuine mindreading without cards, etc., that I am disclosing a secret t.hat I have been using for a long, long time, in fact, since October 1926 it being so dated in my notebook.

I know this may sound difficult or rather long winded, but if you will follow the routine with the material at hand, you will grasp the principle very quickly and have no difficulty.

All that is needed is a thumb tip and seven or eight pieces of paper size 2x3 inches. Fold these once the long way and then twice the opposite way. Open them out all except one and put them in the left trouser pocket. This folded slip is placed inside thumb tip and placed in right trouser or vest pocket so it can be easily secured. You are ready.

In starting, the packet of papers is removed from pocket and two taken, the packet being replaced. One is handed a spectator with the request that he write the name of some dead friend or relative and then fold it as it was before. The other piece of paper is left on the table and performer turns back and walks away while first slip is being written.

At this tine he secures the thumb tip containing dummy on right thumb and when he returns, picks up with right hand the paper he left on table. With left hand he takes the dead name slip from spectator and at same time hands him the slip in right hand with the request that he now write down some particular year, for instance, some year in which he and the dead party were closely connected, or perhaps his birth year or year of death.

As he gives these instruct ions,the performer has the dead slip on left palm and the thumb tip containing dummy on right thumb. He puts right thumb onto siip of left palm, left fingers close around it and right thumb comes out apparently with paper which is tossed to table. Actually however,the dummy is drawn from the tip instead while the dead slip.remains in left palm under tip. Left hand drops to side and performer turns and walks away again while the date slip is written. This switch is smooth and clean. It shouldn't be watched or accentuated but is done as a matter of course while explaining the procedure with second slip.

Now, while the second slip is being written, the performer with back turned quickly reads the dead slip, refolds and holds it in the same position in left hand under the tip upon return.

Picking up the dummy from table (apparently the dead name) he asks spectator into which of his pockets he would like to keep it, and at the same time apparently puts it into the left hand which opens and holds it on palm. Actually it was put back into the thumb tip and spectator picks up the real dead slip and pockets. The performer now has the tip on right thumb again with dummy inside.

Left hand now picks up the date slip which spectator had placed on table and once more the switch is made as at first and right hand gives it to him asking him to place it somewhere in view and cover it with a paper weight or book.

The date slip in left hand under tip goes to pocket as the performer asks spectator to explain whether the date written was a birth, death or important event, and during this slight stall, the slip is opened against the packet of papers and the packet brought forth. A glance at the top opened paper gives the performer the date and he takes a blank paper from the bottom of the stack. The packet is returned to pocket and on the blank siip the performer wr ites the date that he has just read. This is given a party seated a 1ittle distance away and as performer returns his left hand drops to pocket and the date paper is folded,pushed into tip and the left hand cones out with thumb wearing the tip.

Walking to the table or wherever the date slip has been covered, the right hand picks it up,hold3 on palm and the left thumb covers it for a second, the right fingers close,and the left thumb draws out carrying the slip from inside tip and this is handed directly to another party while the tip in right hand is pocketed for good.

The person slip was handed to is asked to read aloud the date. When he does, the party holding the performer's written slip is asked to read what was written and IT IS THE SAKE.

Now the performer states that with the name slip he will try a quicker way and he asks spectator to take the dead slip from his pocket and hold it against performer's forehead. Very slowly the performer spells out the dead name letter by letter,and apparently has never touched the paper.

I know this has been long winded, but I promised it would look rather hard. If one tries it with the material and tip in hand, it isn't hard at all and the few stalls come at the right time to cover the moves. The principle of switching by thumb tip belongs to A1 Baker and does away with all necessity of sleight of hand. However if one wants to practice enough, it is possible to improve the working a good deal through the use of a straight methods of pellet switching and no apparatus is needed. I know at least a few will get a lot out of this, as I have myself, and to reach those few I am letting go a great pet of my own.

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