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I consider this a very practical and mystifying little conception with a big effect. It is impromptu and can be done anywhere at any time, something pretty rare for worthwhile effects of this nature. It can be learned, with an assistant, in five minutes, which is another point in its favor.

No apparatus is needed. Any pack of cards is borrowed from the host or hostess. Mixing the cards, the performer requests that the assistant, or medium, be sent to a distant room for the time being. He now states that one person must be chosen and so that it may be left entirely to chance, he will deal the cards around to each until the first Ace shows up which will automatically elect him. This is done. This selected person is asked to look through his pockets (or her pocketbook) and take out some small personal article which he is to hide somewhere in the room but not on the person of anybody. This person then selects someone else who is asked to select a card from the deck. The deck is placed face down on the table and the second spectator inserts his card at any spot, squares the cards and leaves them there. Now the performer leaves the room before the return of the medium who spreads the deck face up, moves her hand across the cards and picks out the selected one. Following this she moves around the room and locates the article. Once more in circling the room, the medium gives the article to its owner!

Nothing but the cards is used at any time. Previously the performer and the medium have agreed as to who will be the first subject. And, starting at some spot, the people present are numbered from left to right around the room. The performer, who is doing another trick or so, has ample opportunity to set an Ace

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