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When you happen to go into vour host's or hostess' lavatory during your time within their walls $ wash your hands to dampen the soap,and let it set for the interval you need to dry those magical fingers.

Wiat you are going to do will be a seeming miracle to those who pay attention to your efforts, even if the reader of these lines may snort at it as bging "old stuff" to him. That reader, however, will have to admit that he "never actually tried it out" although he did know the "secret".

From an oid and soft deck take the "Three of Clubs". Use a razor blade to cut out the three snots. With two heavy rubber bands and this stencil in your wallet you're always ready. Lay the card on the inside of your left arm and hold it in place with the bands around your arm, one between each of the spots.

Next take the soap with right hand and apply it to each cut out pip of the stencil, using one of its cornere. The film of soap thus is transferred to the arm in perfect "clubs" to represent the trey. Carefully remove the stencil and bands. Pull down sleeve and replace soan in its dish.

At an op-oortune moment force any card in any manner, give deck to spectator for the card's return and a thorough shuffle. Run through the face ud pack and watch for the 3 of Clubs. As it passes by start spelling to yourself the first and last names of another spectator. Then cut the deck at the end of this spelling, run over them again and pick out the forced card. Immediately say that you know of a more spectacular way to reveal a chosen card. Hand deck to the person it has been arranged for and ask him to spell his name, dealing a card face down at each letter and keep the one on the last letter* Tear off a 6 x 9 piece of newspaper. He is told to write the card's name in any white space on it and crumple into a ball. You burn it on an ash tray, roll back sleeve, and dust the broken ashes across arm. The 3 of Clubs develops very * beautifully. Remember that newspaper rrrust be used for the ashes. And remember that no one is doing the trick, so it's a honey for the present

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