This Should End The Burling Hull Matter

Prom a magician known to most Jinx readers, at least by name, I have received a letter which may put a different aspect on my recent correspondence with Burling. I am always ready to be set right, when I am wrong, and I value this man's judgement and opinion. Hence I shall quote his letter here, in all fairness. First I shall give brief extracts from his letter, then I shall print the letter in full, below. Extracts:----

"You were wrong in saying what you did about Burling Hull Nothing that you could say would hurt him in the eyes of magicians Hull is an honest man in every respect He always keeps his word You owe an opology "

Those are, as I said, extracts from my good friend's letter. Now here it is in full:--------

"You were wrong in saying what you did about Burling Hull, because you merely spend your money to give him some free advertising. Nothing that you could say would hurt him in the eyes of magicians who have had dealings with him, as they know already things that you would not print. Hull is an honest man in every respect, if his letter printed in the November Jinx is to be believed, but he wrote that letter himself. He always keeps his word, unless he feels he has good reason for breaking it. You owe an apology to the readers of The Jinx for mentioning him in it."

I apologise.


4 Yislblz Ciqarette Ifamh&r oCu - Bresvt

Can any of The Jinx readers Imagine a visible cigarette vanisher? Such a device is beyond the pale of a magician's imagination I am afraid, but in this case it is quite true.

Such an implement of mystery is not secured secretly, but actually and openly shown, the cigarette inserted, and It's gone I This is a very excellent v.inlsher and is nothing more or less than a regular short-size cigarette holder as used by many smokers, and which may be obtained from any tobacco store. With a piece of elastic, you thread the holder through the stem, tie a knot to the end of the elastic which enters the channel-cup, and the other end to a safety-pin. Place this in your favorite position under the coat so that it can be easily obtained, but try to make this move appear as though it is coming out of your pocket when produced,

Perform this in an off-hand manner. Take a cigarette out of your case, place cigarette into the holder in a most casual manner and a little force will keep the cigarette fixed fimly. Of course, the audience can see the presence of the holder but will not in the least suspect that it is openly being used as a vanisher. You need only to release the holder and it will fly under your coat. If desired, the holder and cigarette may be reproduced from some other part of your person by using a duplicate set. The same effect may be obtained with a cigar and cigar holder.

Editor's Note; This is a genius-like idea. Put a very small piece of adhesive tape into the holder with the sticky side outward. Fold the tape so part of it will be sticking to inside of holder. Jam the cigarette in and when the paper hits the tape, it is bound to stay there. Some holders don't hold the cigarette as securely as might be hoped for.

s4qaiH /4 Prediction,

* Doc"-mwutt

Simplicity is ever a virtue in magical effects.

This should find favor with many because it is effective, to the point, and there is little chance for the subject to miss. Writing a prediction on a slip, the performer folds and deposits it In a cup. A deck is mixed and spread on the table. A spectator freely chooses one and is given a small book of poems or fiction. He is asked to open the book to the page corresponding with the number of spots on the card and then count to the word at the same number. The slip of paper is opened and read. The performer has correctly predicted the word.

As said before, it is very simple. Only thirteen selections are possible and those from one to twelve (first word on page one - second on page two, etc.) are written on slips and carried in a pocket index holder in the right trouser pocket. On a blank slip, the performer first writes the thirteenth word and drops it into the cup. The cards are stacked in the performer's preferred system and may be false shuffled at the start. They are spread face down for the selection of one after which the performer scoops them up to the break, drops the packet face up, scoops the rest and drops them also on top. The maneuvre has given him a flash of the card next the chosen one and he knows the number. There is ample opportunity during the location of the word to secure the right slip from pocket. He reaches into oup hut takes out the paper he had in hand, leaving the other behlndj If and when thirteen is chosen, the spectator removes itI

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