This Action With The Boxes Is All Ever Needed To Unconsciously Convince Watchers That The Hands Are Empty Psychologically They Are Waiting To See The End Of The Nested Boxes

The right hand now empties its load onto the left hand, to be followed by another box onto the right. This right hand now holds the fourth box seen. It empties onto the left hand the fifth and last box. BUT THIS BOX HAS NO BOTTOM. And from this last box is dumped the coin into the waiting hand3 of the spectator who first loaned the coin.

The metal currency has been seen fairly wrapped and vanished during the process of buim-ing. The handling of the box set has shown how Impossible it would be to get a coin inside, and yet the coin drops out of the Innermost box.

One coin, no assistants, yet a mystery.


Dante, playing strictly to form, is the BEST MAGICAL SHOWMAN on the American stage to-day. He also is one to be gambled on, for, at least one of the recent performances saw him well under the influence of Bacchus. Dante has a banner to carry over here. He may hpve done "under the weather" shows in other climes during the 14 years of his absence, and there ore but few of us who will begrudge him the same privilege over here. But — Dante has It in the palms of those graciously handled appendages above his waist plus a demeanor whioh has attracted the most blase of New Yorkers to build up Shew the art of magic to-day. It Is suggested that he lock up and hie away from the vine vintages to which he can be subservient until complete success is assured. He owes that much to a magic starved country that saw him as an existing magic dealer and i-tlnerant performer until Thurston gave him a chance to parade his ability.

It's funny how things work out by themselves. Prank Lane,the Bosto.nian who writes as neither a Cabot nor a Lodge could talk, and Ted .»nne-mann, the boy who ran a "one way deck" and "paper billet" routines into the ditch (of everyday usuage? Ed.) will have luncheon together, in "Beantown", on October 11th. If we recognize dear Prank in these pages again it will be but en ad. Should he mention us in his sheet it will be but to reciprocate. Prom hence our several sins must rest upon our respective shoulders without taking advantage of you who pay for space here, as well as there. So say I.

Jack Vosburgh's two new (and we do mean nyewl) publications will shortly astonish those ™ho think that original approaches and climaxes to tricks have been exhausted. Not known far and wide by name, this present generated advocate 'of the unusual has something that we old timers may as well assimilate.

Winston Freer works,as you read these lines, in Pond Da Lac, Wise. Our last week query about his whereabouts brought this datum to light. That he hasn't come to New York with his tree that grows up to be cut down in the middle of a nite club floor can be excused for every reason but expense. He need carry only an acorni

--- "Paddy", she who does her act in prose for the most part anpreciated Stuart Robson's New York guidance so much that she wrote a nice rhyming symposium of his virtues. He will NOT use It in hie fortneominfl "Chatter" sheet -

"too modest" he says. --- The "New Improved

Perfected To Hell and Breakfast Mental Masterpiece" is excellent, and works, but someone should have remembered or realised that when vie put it out, almost ten years ago, we were not seaworthy enough to take chances with the printing of copyrighted back designs, and that we got the same result by splitting a card into THREE parts. Most people are of the opinion that a card can be split into only two parts when wet. A playing card splits into three parts DRY. That's how the smart set has, for years, been able to make perfect double backers without losing the gloss. The trick, as being sold, is well worth the buy, but from us to N.B.Houghton, to anonymous Ralph Read is a long way to go for a creditlpss msa.(to anyone) for the sake of saying "Improved" in the title. We wouldn't have given a damn. --- a last minute fill-in is that N.Y.1s Fifth Ave. Bonwit-Teller windows are devoted to what Dantfe's show looks like to the layman. Credit is given to Dante. Even Thurston didn't get that recognition.

That recently revealed brief diary of Edison's had a recountable paragraph from his day of July 16, 1885. "I learned the girls how to make shadow pictures by use of crumpled paper. We tried some experiments in mind-reading which were not very successful. Think mind-reading contrary to commonsense. Wise provision of the Bon Dieu that we cannot read each other's mind. 'Twould stop civilization and everybody would take to the woods. In fifty or a hundred thousand centuries when mankind would have become perfect by evolution then perhaps thi3 sense could be developed with safety to the state."

On July 26, 1926 he wrote a letter to "save the face of Bert Reese, a down and out faker with the billets, but a master of the craft who had fooled the scientist. Fulton Oursler, under the pen name of Samri Frickell, had exposed Reese and some of his methods in the now defunct Evening Graphic. (Don't forget to mention our delineation of Reese on pages 139 and 140. Ed.) Anyhow, even if Edison later did show a belief In Reese, a self-confessed oharlataji, his first writings upon the subject are as sound to-day as then. He shouldn't have wavered becauae of meeting up with a good showman. However, It may prove to you, you and you what presentation can do.

Britishers are now viewing a new movie entitled "A Window in London," featuring Paul Lukas as a magician - "The Great Zoltini." During the story a great many pieces of stpndard apparati are seen standing around but reports say that there is no exposing whatever. --- Before Bruce Elliott left for the Maine woods to repair the damage done by the Kezar Lake un-conventiionalites, he brought up a good point for those who have or are contemplating the purchase of Abbott's Dagger Chest. The 12 in. cube che3t is placed over the head of an assistant. Twenty daggers are thrust into the box which is then opened to show the head missing. Well taken, we think, is the point that there is no sense pushing daggers into an empty box. It might rather never be opened p.t all. On the other hand one might do a suitcase "headless woman" aot by bringing on the girl who has an empty box for a head, and, to prove that nothing really is there, or hidden by mirrors, the daggers are pushed in. ---We hate to think of the

Rybolt library being broken up so hope someone comes across with the "necessary" to keep it Intact. Around fifteen years ago it was offered for $10,000 but the price to-day is down. However, we pessimistically figure that it will have to be broken up whereupon all other collectors will have a field day grabbing for the choice items they now lack. One will get you five that H. Adrian Smith already has his bid in for the famous Burlingame scrapbooks. --- A1

though Dante's program forbids the photographing of his performance, Dell O'Dell will not be prosecuted for her taking of four movie rolls on opening night. When edited and titled it will be a most complete record of a marvellous New York success together with the galaxy of magi who helped block up traffic on 45th Street.

Someone evidently is cashing in on an idea which should have been sold by a magician. N.Y. stores now sell a dog leash which is built like a slow rising card reel. The dog is free to run the cord out quite a bit and then the slack is automatically taken up. There must be other principles that could be switched around to make commercial articles of practical value.---

And did you hear about the rabbit that ran all over the stage, crying, "Is there a magician in the house?

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