The Super Slates


For many, many years dealers' catalogues have listed "Spirit Slates" where two slates and one flap make a spirit message possible. A moot question is, "Why does a message appear only on one side?" In this version, nothing else is used, but after the two slates have been shown and openly numbered on four sides, they are opened to show a genuine chalk message on the inside of EACH slate, and are left with the audience. It would be best to follow these directions with a pair of slates and flap in hand.

Put a message on one side of one slate and in the upper left comer the figure 1. Cover this with the flap. On one sile of the second slate put another message, or continue the first. Mark this with the figure 4. Put this slate with the message side down on the first slate with the flap, and keep all numbers to the front end.

Pick up the slates, and holding them together and tipped forward a little so that the top surface can be seen, the first or top slate is slid off and put under the second slate. State that you will number each side and with chalk put the figure 1 on upper left corner of top slate (flap). With the same move as before, slide this slate off and put underneath. Mark the new surface with the figure 2. Now turn the two slates completely over) never end for end—numbers always stay at front end) and mark the new surface with figure 3. Lift this slate off and put it underneath (the flap has dropped off onto the top of the bottom slate) marking the new surface (back of flap) with the figure 4. Now—with a remark about the slates having been marked, slide the top slate off about an inch to the right and, grasping it near

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