The Spectral Seamstress

Charles T. Jordan

Exact Effect: A beautiful 17-inch square handkerchief, white with a contrasting border, is passed for examination, and three spools of different colored silk are shown. Either of the three spools is selected (not forced) and the handkerchief is rolled around the spool of silk and tied there. With no substitution whatever the spool is strung on a piece of cord with a cloth button at one end to keep the spool from coming off, and in this condition the spool of silk and the encircling handkerchief are lowered by the cord into an ordinary paper bag. The cord is left protruding from the top, and the bag is handed to a spectator to hold. Now the name of some well known person is chosen, and on removing the spool and handkerchief from the bag, the silk is found to have vanished utterly from the spool, and on opening out1 the handkerchief the name of the very person selected is found sewn right across its center in large, clear letters, in the very colored silk that was chosen. Spool and handkerchief are immediately handed for inspection, and remember, there is no exchange of spools.

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