The Secret Dunninobr

hile this effect has been sold under different names and credited to as many different people, no one asyet has published the presentation which I first used over 25 years ago.

(Back in Jinx No. 6 I used this principle with a torn out piece of newspaper. Previous to that, I supplied Thayer'e Trick of the Month Club with the effect as eventually made quite popular by Mogul. Previous to that Joe Ovette sold the idea in a slightly different fom via the rasa. route. Previous to that Martin Sunshine use! it for private readings. And Martin told me subsequent to all of the above that" he had learned it from Dunninger. T am becoming a magical agnostic. Annemann.)

On a piece of paper about 3 x inches in alze the medium draws three short lines across the paper as he holds it lengthwise. This is given to the sitter for a short question, or better, for the name of one who has gone'into the "happy summer land") not now living.

The paper is folded once each way and given the performer. He tears it up into small pieces and gives them back to the spectator who drops them into a goblet of water on the table before him. Both watch Intently the floating papers. They burst into flame and disappear. The performer, I mean medium, picks up the goblet with one hand, gazes into it and reveals the secretly written information.

Those who have Jinx No. 6 can find a whole page of detailed instructions. However, the mechanics are simple. The folded paper Is torn first the long way, the outside (not the folded edge) part being placed In front. Turned side-wise the paper Is torn through again. This tear is kept a bit off the center towards the open end of the folds and the torn off pieces put In front. The thumb draws back the nearest part of the pieces and thus the performer has a section of the original piece, which, when unfolded, includes 75% of the original and, of course, all that has been written.

But here comes that subtle part. In his left trouser pocket the performer has Just previously put a packet consisting of folded and torn bits of flash paper, in the center of which Is a small pleoe of potassium. He has left finger palmed this during the writing and folding. And once he has visibly torn the original paper, the strong point, he merely pretends to leave it all in the left hand and asks the spectator to pick the pieces up and drop them into the glass. His right hand goes to the right pocket (turn back to page 494)

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