The Rattlesnake Island Group

Reading from left to right, in the direction that the toasted msrshmallows were paseed,are,"Voz" Lyons, instigator and sea-sled operator; Ted Annemann, self-styled editor and oonnoisseur of poisonous leaves and ivy; the happy man next is Clayton ("Merlini")Rawson, who, by pony express and smoke signals had only lust learned his latest book was selling out; and the "not a thing to hide" expression belongs to Walter ("The Shadow") Oibson, who had a hard time standing on damp rooks whereas his fictional character does a "human-fly" act up sheer sided buildings. Picture taken on Rattlesnake Island,Lake Kesar, Maine, August 21, 1940 by a Jinx staff photographer. (My, myi Ed.)

manege to put together an issue to historize our isolated mood. We'd never seen "Voz" out of his decorous metropolitan office and into hiking boots and mountain climb-proof pants.

It was a treat to see "The Shadow" at rest among his plots, collection of magio books, puzzle periodicals, time tables, detective stories, and tales of Tibet, even though he couldn't start his motor boat.

Usually urbane "Merlini" Rawson had fun to the extent that he couldn't concentrate upon the story he expected to do in the quietness of the forest.

Our memory deluxe is when we did Jinx No. 107 copy in our cabin for special delivery to N.Y. and couldn't remember the last page number of issue 106. He (Clayt) had a copy at his five oabins away hide-out. When he went home he beat out the numbers on something that sounded like a very tired dishpan. But you got your pages numbered correotly.

Lest the reader be too bored with our enthusiasm, we apologize. We haven't let down our hair for long. To triokal

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