The Perfect Book Test

The Perfect Book Test is an effect put on the market eight or ten years ago at $2,50. In working, three books are handed to a spectator in the audience and he selects one. The medium is blindfolded and is sitting at the front with her back towards audience. The spectator opens the book at any page, runs his finger along the first line and stops on any word. He shows it to several around him, closes the book, puts it between the other two, and someone else carries them to the medium. She tosses one to the left, one to the right, and keeping one, riffles the pages and correctly announces the chosen word.

The performer stands to the left of the spectator. He takes the two unused books back with his left hand and as he tells the spectator what to do with the chosen book, he drops his right hand to trouser pocket where a waxed business card and pencil stub repose. The moment book is opened and a page selected, the performer jots it down on the blank card in his pocket. He tells the spectator to run his finger along the top line and to stop at a word he likes. This done, the performer jots down the position of the word in the chosen line while the spectator shows it to those close by. As he tells the spectator to close the book, the performer palms the card from his pocket and transfers the two books to the right, pressing the card against the under side of the book. He takes off the top book with his left hand, has the spectator put his book on top, and on this drops the book from his right hand, the card being stuck beneath. The three books are given to someone else to deliver to the medium who removes the card, tosses the outside books away and finds the word.

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