The Mystery Of The Blackboard

This is one of those effects that can be built into feature proportions due to the many possibilities for spectacular presentation.

It is strictly a one man stunt and needs practically no apparatus or preparation. I say again, and make it emphatic, that the secret is subtle and never suspected by the audience because it takes place right 1 before their very eyes and in a natural manner.

On platform, stage or front of room is a blackboard facing the audience. Chalk and eraser are at hand. The performer states that he will attempt a most difficult test of telepathy and will need the assistance of three people from his audience. They come forward and stand near blackboard. Follow this in your mind and you will realize the effect of the set up on audience.

The performer takes a heavy piece of silk or a handkerchief and says that he will be blindfolded and will be led to a corner of the stage. Each one of the committee is then to write on the blackboard. One is to write a number of three figures, one is to write a word of not less than seven letters, and the last is to draw some geometrical diagram that may come to his mind. The performer states that in this way, he has covered all ways of expressing oneself in writing, figures, letters and lines.

The performer is now blindfolded and led to corner of stage. The committee is then asked to draw the picture, and write the figures and word. When they have finished and so stated the performer asks the audience to remember what the committee is thinking of. Never tell them to remember what is on the blackboard.

The performer now tells them to erase the blackboard well, and 1 to lead him to it and give him the piece of chalk. Taking chalk, performer still blindfolded, makes a few marks and finally writes the number as best he can. This is followed by the correct word and finally the picture. This is the point where performer can make or break the effect.

I know that this must sound difficult but it is far from being so! In the first place, although the performer stands as per diagram and

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