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Original tricks with a rope are scarce these days, hut here la one, the effect of which is very surprising and unexpected. An ordinary length of soft white rope is shown, and can be used previously for any of the popular cut and restored methods. The performer makes a how. knot in the center as shown. The rope is now put around the neck with the bow in front where the tie Is wore and the ends tied in back with a double knot.

With both hands at the bow or rope, the ma-gioian is seen to be working the bow down smaller and smaller, the oircle of rope getting larger and larger of course as this action continues. All at onoe the left fingers are seen to

hold the bow knot, and at the same time, the right fingers drop the rope which is seen whole and solid, the left hand tossing the bow knot into audienceI The right hand now takes rope loop from around neck and tosses that also Into the hushed (?) crowd.

Having seen this performed, we know the nice effect of it all, it fitting Into any rope routine and being possible of performance at any time during a program. The secret is extremely simple but the moves make It perfeot as an illusion. Beforehand take a duplicate piece of rope about fifteen in. long. Make a bow in this piece, the bow being about four inches from tip to tip. Now trim off the ends of rope about an Inch each side of the tight knot. Fold the bow up a bit and impale it on a common pin which has been stuok on inside of left lapel with the point up.

When ready, show length of rope and make the bow knot In center. Tie around neck, with bow against throat. Let this be plainly seen, and your hands are empty at the time. As your hands are away from bow, and as you swing around to give a glance at the knot behind, your hands are holding lapels of coat, with thumbs underneath. As you face the front, the left thumb merely steals away the fake knot behind the left fingers, both hands Immediately being raised to the bow. Now work the bow around neck down, keeping it hidden as much as possible, and when gone, open fake bow, show It with left fingers, let go and show the whole rope with right fingers, and toss knot to crowd. The take loop from around neck and toss that out too.

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