The Magic Circular

A Monthly Review of the Majic Art.


The Hon. Editor, The Magic Circular.

January 6th, 1939.

Dear Sir,

Mr. Peter Warlock in his article on Annemann in the January Circular, takes far too much for granted. It seems regrettable that personal predilections and enthusiasms should have been permitted so far to run away with Mr. Warlock's judgment as to cause him to couple his subject's name with that of David Devant. No doubt it is easy for an active imagination to attribute to a person resident in another continent miraculous qualities, and to eulogize and idolize him, and there is perhaps little harm in this form of self-hypnotism, although such exaggeration is greatly to be deplored when reproduced in a journal which is of necessity read by some hundreds of people. But when a writer seeks by implication publicly to link one who at best has merely commercialised the exposure of magical secrets with a genius like David Devant, it can only be to the latter's detriment, and 1 feel very strongly that I must raise my voice in protest.

David Devant, to those who knew his work, stood and still stands in a class alone. How is it possible, remembering his magnificent performances, his breadth of conception, his charm of presentation, to compare David Devant with a pedlar of refurbished secrets? Yours truly,

Orpington, Kent. DOUGLAS CRAGGS.

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