The Jinx Program

JINX Programs are a revolutionary idea that is finding favor with EVERYONE interested in the art of magic, whether he be an amateur or top flight professional. Never before has there been a series of completely routined programs, explained in detail, ready for your presentation. Never before have professional secrets of distinction been carefully and correctly arrayed with a cloak of showmanship. NOW it is possible for YOU to have at hand any number of complete programs ready for your immediate use and covering all situations.

No. 1—A CLUB ACT OF MAGIC (25 minutes - Brief case) No. 2—A ONE MAN MENTAL CLUB ACT (30 xnin. - Brief case) No. 3 —A MAGICAL CLUB PROGRAM (30 min. - small suitcase) No. 4 —A "NO CARD" MAGIC ART (30 min.-small suitcase) No. 5 —"NO CODE" TELEPATHY (30 min.-brief case)

Each complete program, in uniformly printed book style, fully illustrated

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